Odin Crown How To: Bind Account Odin Crown How To: Bind AccountQooApp teaches you how to bind your Odin Crown Account in case of unfortunate accidents, or to simply save your account for the future!AndroidiOS

 Lord of Dungeons: Understanding Rank Battles Lord of Dungeons: Understanding Rank BattlesWhat Are Rank Battles? In Lord of Dungeons, Rank Battles are where you can test the strength of your companions against your rivals!AndroidiOS

 Lord of Dungeons: Establishing Associations Lord of Dungeons: Establishing AssociationsWhat are Associations? In Lord of Dungeons, associations are establishments that offer a variety of permanent positive effects. AndroidiOS

 Lord of Dungeons: Conquering the Dimension Cube Lord of Dungeons: Conquering the Dimension CubeIn Lord of Dungeons, Dimension Cube bosses are enemies you can battle with up to a party of eight companions to earn rare rewards. AndroidiOS

 Lord of Dungeons: Monster Management Lord of Dungeons: Monster ManagementIn Lord of Dungeons, monsters are the bodyguards of your dungeon. They’ll protect your dungeon from your enemies with all their might. AndroidiOS

 Lord of Dungeons: Industry Guide Lord of Dungeons: Industry GuideHere is a list of unlockable industries and what goods they can do to your territory. AndroidiOS

 Lord of Dungeons: Companion Management Lord of Dungeons: Companion ManagementPlaying Lord of Dungeons is like managing a company – you are the boss. Here is how you can get a successful team and bring out their full potential. AndroidiOS

 Lord of Dungeons: Dungeon Management Lord of Dungeons: Dungeon ManagementWhat are Dungeons? In Lord of Dungeons, dungeons are a great alternative way in obtaining money and items! Profit is key!AndroidiOS

 Lord of Dungeons: Town Management Lord of Dungeons: Town ManagementIn Lord of Dungeons, there are a lot of things you need to manage. After learning how to manage a big area, here we are moving on to managing towns. AndroidiOS

 Lord of Dungeons: Area Management Lord of Dungeons: Area ManagementYou don’t need a management degree to be the Lord of Dungeons. You just need some tips, which have been summed up for you here!AndroidiOS

 Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Character Guide Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Character GuideA detailed overview of the list of current SSR characters you can obtain from gacha, and a perfect catalogue for selecting a SSR to set off. AndroidiOS

 WoFF:MM First Draw Recommendations WoFF:MM First Draw RecommendationsFirst draw recommendations for Square Enix’s fresh-out-the-over mobile FF title, World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo (WoFF:MM)!AndroidiOS


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