Captain Tsubasa EP 11: Manga ComparisonCaptain Tsubasa EP 11: Manga ComparisonToday we’ll be comparing chapters 12 and 13 of Captain Tsubasa!0

Singers of the Virtual StageSingers of the Virtual StageVirtual singers. Ever heard of them?0

DC Unchained - Origins of Harley QuinnDC Unchained - Origins of Harley QuinnThe origins of DC's favorite clown girl, Harley Quinn!AndroidiOS0

The Rise of Tentacle HentaiThe Rise of Tentacle HentaiFollowing hentai, we look at one of the most famous Japanese hentai subcategory. Tentacles~0

Captain Tsubasa EP 10: Manga ComparisonCaptain Tsubasa EP 10: Manga ComparisonThis is the beginning of Tsubasa's journey!0

QooApp Weekly is Back! New and Revamped!QooApp Weekly is Back! New and Revamped!We're back!0

HentaiHentaiHentai... yes, this time QooPedia explores just what exactly Hentai is.0

Captain Tsubasa EP 9: Manga ComparisonCaptain Tsubasa EP 9: Manga ComparisonWith both Tsubasa’s and Misaki’s spirits running high, this could be anyone’s match!0

Captain Tsubasa EP 8: Manga ComparisonCaptain Tsubasa EP 8: Manga ComparisonThe suspense rising!0

Welcome To VocaloidWelcome To VocaloidThere is a lot more that is hiding behind the surface of Vocaloid, and that is where the real magic is happening.0

The World of Virtual YouTubersThe World of Virtual YouTubersThere are many more other than the "Hej Monika" singer Kizuna Ai. 0

FanserviceFanserviceFanservice, whether you know it or not, a majority of the anime series now have them. So what is a fanservice?0


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