Ecchi EcchiEcchi – エッチ Ecchi (エッチ), this is a word that you’ll most definitely come across if you’re an anime/manga advocate. So this time, QooPedia explores the word Ecchi for all of you who has an idea of what Ecchi is but can’t exactly define it. ▍ Definition The definition of Ecchi has often been misinterpreted as being softcore hentai. Although this seems understandable, Echhi doesn’t necessarily relate to hentai. In truth, Ecchi is more suggestive sexual themes rather than explicit sexual activities. Whilst nudity is often present in the genre, in most cases, there is some sort of censorship built in. This can easily be found in most anime adaptations of manga series with an Ecchi tag in their genre. ▍ Origins Although Ecchi has a has a fine distinction with Hentai, the origin of the word does relate to Hentai. After World War II, the interest in Hentai was rekindled. During this period Hentai was also often referred to as just H (pronounced as Ecchi in Japan). As time went on, H was being used by the general public as a connotation for something that’s “dirty” “perverted”, thus Ecchi (エッチ) was branched away from H. The difference between the […]0

 Captain Tsubasa EP 6: Manga Comparison Captain Tsubasa EP 6: Manga ComparisonToday we will be comparing episode six of the anime with the second half of chapter four and first half of chapter five of Captain Tsubasa.0

 Ahegao – アヘ顔 Ahegao – アヘ顔Ahegao, is it just a hentai thing or is it something more than that? Read all about it in QooPedia.0

 Who are “Wake Up, Girls!” ? Who are “Wake Up, Girls!” ?If you believe Wake Up, Girls! are just another idol group that sell moe-ness and catchy songs, you are dead wrong.0

 KanColle tells Azur Lane: Please change name KanColle tells Azur Lane: Please change nameAnd Azur Lane has invited everyone to contribute ideas.0

 Gyaru, What is it? Gyaru, What is it?Gyaru (ギャル) / Gal, a term that isn’t often deliberately specified in anime, but is shown quite frequently. So what is it?0

 Love is hard for otaku: When kakin leads to divorce Love is hard for otaku: When kakin leads to divorceLove is really hard for otaku.0

 Moteru MoteruMoteru, to be popular, but popular in what sense? Is it the same as Ninki? find out in QooPedia!0

 Five-Minute Summaries: Onmyoji Lores “Seimei” Five-Minute Summaries: Onmyoji Lores “Seimei”We heard you like onmyoji! Here’s a quick summary of just who exactly is Abe no Seimei, both the historical figure and his portrayal in Japanese folklore.0

 Captain Tsubasa EP 5: Manga Comparison Captain Tsubasa EP 5: Manga ComparisonThe hype for the inter-school tournament is off the roof!0

 DC Unchained – Origins of Catwoman DC Unchained – Origins of CatwomanEver wondered what happened to Selina Kyle before her life as Catwoman? Here’s a short overview on the early life of Selina Kyle, before she became Catwoman and met Batman.AndroidiOS0

 Captain Tsubasa EP 4: Manga Comparison Captain Tsubasa EP 4: Manga ComparisonThe upcoming match between Nankatsu and Shuutetsu is nearing and the hype is off the charts!0


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