Ecchi EcchiEcchi – エッチ Ecchi (エッチ), this is a word that you’ll most definitely come across if you’re an anime/manga advocate. So this time, QooPedia explores the word Ecchi for all of you who has an idea of what Ecchi is but can’t exactly define it. ▍ Definition The definition of Ecchi has often been misinterpreted as being softcore hentai. Although this seems understandable, Echhi doesn’t necessarily relate to hentai. In truth, Ecchi is more suggestive sexual themes rather than explicit sexual activities. Whilst nudity is often present in the genre, in most cases, there is some sort of censorship built in. This can easily be found in most anime adaptations of manga series with an Ecchi tag in their genre. ▍ Origins Although Ecchi has a has a fine distinction with Hentai, the origin of the word does relate to Hentai. After World War II, the interest in Hentai was rekindled. During this period Hentai was also often referred to as just H (pronounced as Ecchi in Japan). As time went on, H was being used by the general public as a connotation for something that’s “dirty” “perverted”, thus Ecchi (エッチ) was branched away from H. The difference between the […]0

 Ahegao – アヘ顔 Ahegao – アヘ顔Ahegao, is it just a hentai thing or is it something more than that? Read all about it in QooPedia.0

 Gyaru, What is it? Gyaru, What is it?Gyaru (ギャル) / Gal, a term that isn’t often deliberately specified in anime, but is shown quite frequently. So what is it?0

 Moteru MoteruMoteru, to be popular, but popular in what sense? Is it the same as Ninki? find out in QooPedia!0

 Gap Moe Gap MoeGap Moe Early on in this series, we explored the definition of Moe. Now we take a look at Gap Moe. Just what exactly is Gap Moe and how does it differ with just Moe? Definition Whilst Moe focuses on the way a character acts normally to evoke an attraction from the audience, Gap Moe is a moment in which a character acts in a contradicting manner from their usual self. The difference in the way the character acts is what causes the Gap Moe. The Gap effect is the feeling that the audience feels when a character acts in a different way which makes the audience look at the character in a new light. Gap Moe vs. Tsundere Tsundere is a character type which lives of Gap Moe. Normally, the characters act in a way which and when they show affections towards another character, it becomes a gap moe. The problem with this is that Tsundere is quite an overplayed character type which makes it quite obvious to the audience. The Gap Moe affect is still there, but most of the audience is already expecting it, making it less dramatic. Examples: Black Lagoon – Roberta gentle flowery smile after several episodes […]0

 Roles in Yuri Roles in Yuriever wonderede what the Uke and Seme equivalent for Yuri is? This week QooPedia explores the roles in Yuri CPs!0

 Seme vs. Uke Seme vs. UkePreviously in QooPedia, we looked at the difference between Yaoi, Bara, and BL. This time, we’ll be looking Seme and Uke.0

 Yaoi, Bara, or BL? Yaoi, Bara, or BL?Yaoi, Bara, and BL, all three include male homosexual relationships in manga and anime but are all the same thing? or are they intrinsically different?0

 What is Yuri? What is Yuri?QooPedia explores what exactly Yuri means and how the genre differs in Japan and in the West.0

 NEET vs Hikikomori NEET vs HikikomoriNEET vs. Hikikomori what are the difference, QooPedia takes a look at the similarities and differences between the two.0

 Omake OmakeThis time in QooPedia, we look at just what exactly is an Omake (おまけ).0

 Origins of JK Origins of JKJK many people already know that in Japan this is short of Joshi Kousei which means high-school girl, but do you know the origins of this term? find out here!0


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