FlagsFlagsI'm going to treat myself right after I finish this QooPedia...!0

All About GachaAll About GachaGacha, money is power!0

IsekaiIsekaiIsekai? Alternate World? Reincarnation? Huh?!0

Novels vs Light NovelsNovels vs Light NovelsNovel or Light Novel? They're both fictional works so what are the differences?0

The Rise of Tentacle HentaiThe Rise of Tentacle HentaiFollowing hentai, we look at one of the most famous Japanese hentai subcategory. Tentacles~0

HentaiHentaiHentai... yes, this time QooPedia explores just what exactly Hentai is.0

FanserviceFanserviceFanservice, whether you know it or not, a majority of the anime series now have them. So what is a fanservice?0

EcchiEcchiEcchi - エッチ Ecchi (エッチ), this is a word that you'll most definitely come across if you're an anime/manga advocate. So this time, QooPedia explores the word Ecchi for all of you who has an idea of0

Ahegao - アヘ顔Ahegao - アヘ顔Ahegao, is it just a hentai thing or is it something more than that? Read all about it in QooPedia.0

Gyaru, What is it?Gyaru, What is it?Gyaru (ギャル) / Gal, a term that isn't often deliberately specified in anime, but is shown quite frequently. So what is it?0

MoteruMoteruMoteru, to be popular, but popular in what sense? Is it the same as Ninki? find out in QooPedia!0

Gap MoeGap MoeGap Moe Early on in this series, we explored the definition of Moe. Now we take a look at Gap Moe. Just what exactly is Gap Moe and how does it differ with just Moe? Definition Whilst Moe focus0


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