Seme vs. Uke Seme vs. UkePreviously in QooPedia, we looked at the difference between Yaoi, Bara, and BL. This time, we’ll be looking Seme and Uke.

 Yaoi, Bara, or BL? Yaoi, Bara, or BL?Yaoi, Bara, and BL, all three include male homosexual relationships in manga and anime but are all the same thing? or are they intrinsically different?

 What is Yuri? What is Yuri?QooPedia explores what exactly Yuri means and how the genre differs in Japan and in the West.

 NEET vs Hikikomori NEET vs HikikomoriNEET vs. Hikikomori what are the difference, QooPedia takes a look at the similarities and differences between the two.

 Omake OmakeThis time in QooPedia, we look at just what exactly is an Omake (おまけ).

 Origins of JK Origins of JKJK many people already know that in Japan this is short of Joshi Kousei which means high-school girl, but do you know the origins of this term? find out here!

 Dōjinshi 同人誌 Dōjinshi 同人誌Dōjinshi, are they simply smut/hentai parodies of existing series? or are they something more? QooPedia looks at the basics of Dōjinshi

 Kuuki Yomenai – 空気読めない Kuuki Yomenai – 空気読めない This edition of QooPedia breaks down what exactly is a KY. You might have heard of it in some anime series, or you might have heard of it in certain Japanese series/shows, but do you know what it means?

 Fujoshi – 腐女子 Fujoshi – 腐女子This week QooPedia explores the life of a Fujoshi. What does it mean? What do they do? Find out here!

 Manga Manhua Manhwa Manga Manhua ManhwaManga Manhua and Manhwa. This time, QooPedia takes a look at the three different types of comics!

 Japanese Honorifics/Suffix in Anime Part 2 Japanese Honorifics/Suffix in Anime Part 2The second part of the Japanese Honorific QooPedia is ready. Read more about common honorifics and titles that are used in anime!

 Japanese Honorifics/Suffix in Anime Part 1 Japanese Honorifics/Suffix in Anime Part 1Part 1 of understanding Japanese honorific, what they mean and how they are used.


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