NHN hangame’s New Tower Defense Game Pachikuri Boueigun

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Japan’s NHN hangame has just released a new mobile Tower Defence (TD) game, Pachikuri Boueigun (ぱちくりぼうえいぐん) today (18th May) for iOS/Android.

Pachikuri Boueigun features an American comic art style. The game features a unique world, with an up to 10x speed up TD game mode to give players a most intense fast paced game.

The story revolves around a world where humans are obsessed with their smartphones. Using the obsession demon king invades through smartphones. Players are tasked with the role of defending the Earth.

At launch, the game offers 95 main missions. Every five missions, players will receive rewards, from unlocking more game modes to additional speed up modes. At level 75, players will be able to experience the adrenaline of 10x speed up.

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