2017 May Week #3 Injustice Arrives on Mobile as More Puzzle Games Get Released Yet Again

Mr. Qoo

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Injustice 2


Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"Character skills are a little weird, most Japanese gamers won’t like it."
"As a fighting game, the Luck factor is too high"
"Superhero games are almost all the same, but I like this one. Especially the story!"

Released together with the console version, Injustice 2’s charm lies in the fact that Superman becomes the villain.

All the game’s cutscenes put together is even more than a feature film length. All though the game is a fighting game, due to being on mobile, the controls have been simplified, but the game still captures the great fighting game experience.

The story and characters are unlocked as players progress, players will have to explore the game in order to unlock more content.
For those who just wants the story it is most certainly easier to play the console version.

Ace of Sky


Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"Ooh, so its the Japanese version of AirBattle!"
"Quite Interesting, the game is pretty easy to pick up"
"The jetfighters are very well made, just the mdoels alone makes it worth trying."

The game features a gameplay similar to Ace Combat, players pilot jet planes behind enemy lines to win. The main difference is that the game is set in WWI.

The gameplay of Ace of Sky isn’t all bad and the controls have proven to be quite suitable for mobile devices.

Although the UI isn’t honestly the best, the models are very well made. Piloting the old jet fighters is a unique gaming experience.

Puchi Puchi Plants


Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"The player base is too small…"
"Everyone’s getting tired of block removal games"
"Quite cute, the costumes from gacha is quite interesting, I’ll keep playing."
"Better than I thought it would be, just worried about the game’s future."

The game’s core similar to Candy Crush. The highlight of the game lies within the idea. Players have to remove specific blocks to grow a specific plant.

As players remove different blocks, scene of a garden above which will change depending on what kind of block the player removes. With small fairies hard at work to plant seeds, the game can be quite stress relieving.

The in-game gacha features costumes for the fairies. Fans of block removal games be sure to try this game!

Hibikake Iro no Kiseki


Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"Couldn’t stop once I started, played for a few hours straight!"
"The game feels pretty complete, but it feels like it could be more."
"Oh, the mid-section of the game could have more content, it wouldn’t hurt to have more cute girls too."

This game was one of the award winning titles of niconico’s Indie Game Fest 2016. So it isn’t a big surprise that a mobile version is released.

The gameplay is a little under 10 hours. The game features the most traditional command prompt RPG style.
A great thing about the game is that players can freely set their own skills.

The story and character designs are quite refreshing, for an indie game, that is incredibly worth noting.



Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"No SFX at all…"
"Shameless… It’s a complete carbon copy of TSUM TSUM"
"If it wasn’t for the girls, I wouldn’t be able to keep playing"
"Even with the girls, I couldn’t keep playing"

Originating from a browser game, the TSUM TSUM gameplay isn’t all that attractive. The “real” selling point of the game is all the girls from different anime series.

This game literally a carbon copy of the browser version, the game doesn’t room smoothly, it lacks the thrills that a puzzle game should have.

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