DMM’s Browser MUV-LUV Game Coming to Mobile!

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DMM has announced a new mobile game, MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE STRIKE FRONTIER, converted from their browser game based on Koki Yoshimune’s MUV-LUV series. The game has just started its pre-registration. Players will be able to register for the game via email, Twitter, and Line.

Pre-Registration Rewards:

Like most pre-registration events, there will be pre-registration rewards depending how many players pre-register for the game. Players will be able to receive up to 55 G stones (Premium Currency).

10,000 Pre-registerees: 6 G Stones
30,000 Pre-registerees: 7 Additional G Stones
50,000 Pre-registerees: 8 Additional G Stones
80,000 Pre-registerees: 9 Additional G Stones
1 million Pre-registerees: 10 Additional G Stones
1.5 million Pre-registerees: 15 Additional G Stones

Twitter Re-Tweet Event

Re-tweeting the official pre-registration tweet will reap additional rewards for players!

Over 500 re-tweets: 3x R or higher Summon Token
Over 1500 re-tweets: 3x HR or higher Summon Token
Over2500 re-tweets: 3x SR or higher Summon Token

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