V-Tuber Group Nijisanji Reveals New Unit, Nornis


The virtual YouTuber agency Nijisanji announced that a new unit, Nornis officially starts its activities today. Its three members, Chima Machita, Inui Toko, and Asahina Akane are all known for their singing ability, and their videos on YouTube have already received over 200 million views.

In addition, the main visual of Nornis was unveiled for the first time. Wearing new costumes, the visuals show a different side of Nornis from their usual three members, with an impressive sense of transparency.

The music video for the unit’s original song, “Abyssal Zone”, is currently streaming on Youtube and various music streaming services. Details can be found HERE.

About Nornis

Chima Machita

A 16-year-old high school freshman. Her dream is to become a singer, and she practices singing every day. She started distributing her videos in the hope that it will help her realize her dream, even if only a little. She is lonely living alone, so she lives with a hamster named Gonzalez.

nijisanji nornis img 4


Inui Toko

A girl who works at a Japanese-style café. She is dressed in a maid’s uniform as a hobby of the manager. Only those who touch her will know if the tail that appears and disappears beneath her feet is real or not. Something mysterious is said to happen to her on nights with a full moon…

nijisanji nornis img 5


Asahina Akane

She is a first-year student at Gakuin High School who dreams of performing on a big stage with her singing. She loves cosmetics, clothes, traveling, and good food. She is a young girl who keeps up with the latest trends.

nijisanji nornis img 6


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