Alchemy Stars x Persona 5 Royal Collab Launches on July 14


The Alchemy Stars team officially announced the start date for the Persona 5 Royal Collab event! The event starts on July 14, 09:00 [UTC+0] to August 3 , 09:00 [UTC+0]. The game’s official Twitter is also having a collaboration release giveaway, givnig followers a chance to win official merchandise!

With their release image showing Joker, Makoto Niijima, Yusuke Kitagawa, Kasumi Yoshizawa and Morgana, these five will be the new characters joining Alchemy Stars!

Giveaway Twitter Event

The official Twitter account is having a retweet event! Players that follow and retweet the announcement post, have a chance to earn a replica set of the Persona 5 Tarot Cards, and Alchemy Stars official merch, and an amazon gift card worth USD$10!

Alchemy stars

About Persona

An RPG set in modern-day Japan, where players experience familiar life as a high school student, nurturing friendships and romance, while also having to face supernatural incidents surrounding mysterious rumors and urban legends. The story follows the development of a group of young adults who awaken their ability to summon Persona; a manifestation of one’s “inner self” in the form of ancient gods and demons, as they tackle hardships.

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