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The game is basically the same thing as SUPER START JYP but a SM version of it. The only difference would be some songs are separated in K(Korean) or Mandarin). Which will unlock at the same time. So with the SM version you unlock the same song but 2 versions at the same time ONLY for the ones separated into K or M.

unn8edIt is basically a tap tap game but with songs only from SMTOWN. You wait for the button to reach the platform then you press it. The closer to the platform, the more points you get. If the button is blue, you tap it. If the button is orange you hold it. You get to enjoy SJK or SJM, Korean or Mandarin, your choice. Battle your way until you reach your favorite song. The graphics for the game is very high, with a clubbing, music festival theme. Not the whole song is played, it is normally stopped right before the bridge. You also get cards from playing it. Maybe you’ll get a card of your bias!

Is the game worth it? When I am tapping to EXO, YES IT IS WORTH. This game isn’t really made for people that like to play games. It is made for kpop fans that want to enjoy games with their bias in it. The game is good with no glitches whatsoever. I would really recommended for kpop fans. Since SMTOWN consist of most famous idol groups, your favorite song should be in there for sure. Give it a try and you’ll enjoy kpop even more. It is a combination of love and music.



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