Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe 2022 To Open This August in Tokyo and Osaka


A collaboration café with the hit TV anime Jujutsu Kaisen is set to open from August 11 to October 10 in Tokyo and Osaka. The café will be celebrating its third opening with a refreshing photogenic look featuring never-before-seen art drawn by the anime’s studio MAPPA!

The venue will feature a variety of themed meals and desserts based on the cast of the show, as well as feature limited-time merch in the form of postcards and acrylic stands.

Special Illustration by Masatsugu Nagasoe, videographer of the show decorates the interior and gives the café a mint green cool aesthetic to celebrate Jujutsu Kaisen this summer!

Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe – Commemorative Merch Deals

Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe will be featuring distinctive food and drinks on its menu, all of which are themed after the many characters of the show. But that’s not all! Any customer that made online reservations for JPY$660 per person is given a free complimentary A4-sized clear poster.

On top of this, the cafe also offers 8 separately designed beverage coasters, that are free to keep upon ordering any of their drink menus. On your way out, be sure to check out the merchandise store! If you do happen to go on a shopping spree of over JPY$3500, you can get your hands on a special shopping bag to bring your haul back home.

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If you happen to fancy getting your hands on even MORE merch, look no further than the Jujutsu Kaisen Online Store! For each spending of over JPY$3000, enjoy a little free extra in the form of an original Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe 2022-themed card chosen at random from 5 different designs.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe – Food Menu

  • 【Yuji Itadori】Chicken Over Rice: JPY$1400 (JPY$1,540 tax included)

A dish decorated with a chicken topped with chili tomato and bagna càuda sauce to resemble Sukuna’s mouth appears on Yuji’s face. Accompanied by a similarly decorated rice with another mouth print, the dish features a salad of oranges and carrots along with chorizos carved in the shape of fingers. Tasty!

Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe 2022 To Open This August in Tokyo and Osaka
  • Megumi Fushiguro】Chimera Shadow Garden Sandwich: JPY$1300 (JPY$1,430 tax included)

French toast themed after Megumi’s very own Domain Expansion “Chimera Shadow Garden”. Topped off with an orange chocolate sauce as well as an extra helping of chocolate ice cream!

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  • 【Nobara Kugisaki】Vegetable Spice Curry: JPY$1300 (JPY$1,430 tax included)

A medium spice curry with multigrain rice decorated with veggies and bell roses in theme with Nobara. Comes with a crispy cheese frico to dip.

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  • Second Year Student Plate: JPY$1300 (JPY$1,430 tax included)

An egg benedict for Toge who prefers bread for breakfast, a vichyssoise soup with protein with no clumps themed after Maki, and an English muffin printed with Panda’s face all on a single plate. You can have the eggs with Tabasco, just like Toge!

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  • 【Kento Nanami】Apple Pork Wrap Sandwich: JPY$1400 (JPY$1,540 tax included)

Made to look just like Nanami’s Cursed Tool, this wrap comes with camembert cheese and pork dressed with a balsamic vinegar sauce. Comes with a vichyssoise and potato salad.

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  • 【Satoru Gojo】Hollow Technique: Purple Cake: JPY$1400 (JPY$1,540 tax included)

Pancakes covered in whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and berry sauce themed after Satoru’s powerful extension technique Purple. Satoru’s own silhouette decorates the bottom half of the plate along with the embellishments made of blueberry and raspberry sauce shaped to look like Satoru unleashing Purple!

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  • Dagon’s Domain – Cursed Spirit Plate: JPY$1400 (JPY$1,540 tax included)

Made to look like a scene out of the post-credits anime shorts “Jujusanpo”, this desert plate compiles a yogurt rare cheesecake parfait with a side of lemon sherbet and chocolate cupcake made to look like Jogo. Are the cursed spirits playing soccer!?

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Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe – Drink Menu

All drink menus are priced at JPY$880 tax included.

  • 【Yuji Itadori】Passion Cranberry Tea Soda
  • 【Megumi Fushiguro】Green Apple Mint Soda
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  • 【Nobara Kugisaki】 Orange Rosehip Tea Soda
  • 【Kento Nanami】Coffee Mojito Soda

The Mojito contains no alcohol, but can be caffeine boosted by adding the espresso shot it comes with!

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  • 【Satoru Gojo】Blue Hawaii Lemon Squash
  • 【Satoru Gojo】Hot Coffee

Hot coffee comes with a plate full of sugar cubes. Look carefully and you’ll realize that some of them are actually sponge cake rusks!

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Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe – Original Merchandise

■ Acrylic Keyholder JPY$650 (JPY$715 tax included)

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Pinback Buttons JPY$500 (JPY$550 tax included)

QooApp Article JujutsuKaisen originalmerch 2

Mini Acrylic Badge JPY$650 (JPY$715 tax included)

QooApp Article JujutsuKaisen originalmerch 3

Mini Character Acrylic Stand JPY$900 (JPY$990 tax included)

Original Design Glass Tumbler JPY$1,850 (JPY$2,035 tax included)

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Acrylic Stand JPY$1,200 (JPY$1,320 tax included)

■ Sticker Set (includes 8 sticker sheets) JPY$990 (JPY$1,089 tax included)

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Post Cards (includes 5 cards) JPY$750 (JPY$825 tax included)

Acrylic Block JPY$3,000 (JPY$3,300 tax included)

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【Online Store Exclusive】Die-cut cushion JPY$3,200 (JPY$3,520 tax included)

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Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe – Event Details

August 11 (Thursday, public holiday) – October 10, 2022 (Monday, public holiday)

Tokyo Harajuku: Harajuku Alta 3F, 1-16-4, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Osaka Umeda: HEP FIVE 7F, 5-15 Kakudacho, Kita Ward, Osaka

【Reservation Method】
Cafe Site Open: July 19, 2022 (Tue) 11:00~
Cafe Reservation: July 20, 2022 (Wed) 12:00~
Reservation fee: JPY$600 (JPY$660 tax included) *Includes reservation offer

【Cafe Original Merchandise Online Store】
Date: August 11 (Thursday, public holiday) – October 10, 2022 (Monday, public holiday)

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