Kemono Friends 3 Shuts Down PS4 Port After 10 Days of Service Due to Bug


Appirits just pulled the plug on the PS4 and PS5 ports of Kemono Friends 3, after the port went on extended maintenance on June 16. The port was only available for a staggering 10 days on release after many players said they couldn’t log in to the game properly on that platform.

Mobile players won’t need to worry, as the game is still available on iOS and Android.

Kemono Friends 3

Kemono Friends 3 Developer Notice

In an official notice posted by the developers, the team stated that it had dealt with several issues related to the problem on the management side, however, concluded that the problem would be far too difficult to fix, and the proposed solution was not realistic.

As a result, the company had to pull the game from the PS4 store and was sincerely sorry that it couldn’t meet the expectations of its player base. To all the players that did play and pay for the game on PS4, they will be refunded the full amount of whatever they had paid, regardless of how much of the premium currency was spent. Information on the refund will be announced at a later date.

Kemono Friends 3 Worldview

Made to be a sequel to the Kemono Friends 2 Anime series, the game is developed to be a true sequel to the series, taking place in a building labeled the JSRT, Japari Security and Research Team connected to the original game released by Nexon.

Here Calenda, an English-speaking human travels the region with a modified lucky beast, and meets an assortment of animals from a Meerkat, Dhole, Common Dolphin, Panther, Tasmanian Devil, and so many more, touring the Park and meeting all of its residents, and solving their problems!

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Kemono Friends 3 Gameplay

Kemono Friends 3 is a card-collecting battle RPG. Collect the various friends in the game and do battle by issuing commands to your friends and executing powerful attacks and skills! Team building also plays a vital role, as certain friends will perform better against many enemies, so build a diverse, and coordinated team to defeat the Celliens!

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