Tears of Themis’ “Entwining Hearts” Event Held from August 3


HoYoverse announced the latest event of their Tears of Themis otome game, called Entwining Hearts from August 3 to 13. In this event, players play a “what if” story of where Luke, one of the four main boys, becomes the protagonist’s actual boyfriend. Alongside this, various outfits and a brand new SSR Luke have been added to the game lineup.

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Tears of Themis – Entwining Hearts Event

Play a what-if scenario of Luke as your actual boyfriend and clear tasks around Time’s Antiquities. By clearing tasks, you’ll be able to earn S-Chips, Tears of Themis, and a special camera badge.

What’s more, even after the event ends on August 11, you can still enjoy the story scenario by going to the GPS and selecting Luke’s profile.

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New Luke SSR: Looming Nightmare

In the midst of a furious storm, a medieval nightmare looms over the horizon. A new SSR of Luke, [Looming Nightmare], is currently available for players to pull from August 3 to August 14!

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New Outfits Available At the Shop!

Grandeur-themed outfits for all four protagonists are now available at the shop! For a limited time, players can obtain them for a discounted price.

Tears of Themis Grandeur Outfits

Furthermore, the Savana clothes from Romantic Rail Getaway for Luke are also available in the Shop until August 13!

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