Amazing Bomberman Music-Driven Game Announced for Apple Arcade


Konami announced a new entry in the Bomberman series by the name of Amazing Bomberman for the Apple Arcade.

The video game franchise previously owned and developed by the now defunct Hudson Soft has been seeing a revival in recent years in titles such as Super Bomberman R on console and Bombergirl in arcades, serving as a reminder that Konami intends to introduce more players to the beloved bomb-blasting demolitionist.

Amazing Bomberman appears to be a new approach to the classic top-down competitive gameplay with a brand-new musical flare. Amazing Bomberman will be available this Friday exclusively on Apple Arcade, where you can enjoy the game on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Amazing Bomberman Trailer

Bombs Away… To the Beat!

New to the formula in Amazing Bomberman is the introduction of music and rhythm to the gameplay. The game incorporates the familiar birds-eye visuals of classic Bomberman titles, only this time it’s superimposed with an MV and music track the likes of Beatmania.

This comes together in the form of the core change to the formula, where the pace of the game switches up as the music picks up or eases down, constantly in a synchronized flux. The game features an intense spectacle of visual and audio effects, with each bomb blast and wall block falling down in time with the beat, integrating the tunes together with the action.

Unlike the more strict rules of the originals, defeat isn’t the end! Get back on the beat as many times as you need as continues are unlimited until the music ends. Playing up against 3 other rivals, players will be competing for the highest score at the end of the round by picking up items and blasting away other Bomberman. Whoever has the spotlight will have to be on the lookout, as they’re in the first place, and dropping them nets bonus points for the killer!

Detail-wise, Konami has specified that Amazing Bomberman will come with 7 separate stages for players to duke it out, with each arena featuring originally composed tracks by artists from Japan and beyond. With the 7 stages, players can expect to enjoy online match-making, private online lobbies, and single play.

Amazing Bomberman Music-Driven Game Announced for Apple Arcade

Take on others in matches and level up your profile to gain collectible items as well as cosmetics for your own Bomberman to customize your look in gameplay.

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