Gigabash, The Power Stones-Inspired Brawler is Available Now


Passion Republic Games released Gigabash, a Tokusatsu monster brawler heavily inspired by games like Power Stones, War of the Monsters, and Smash Bros! Featuring 10 unique titans based on your favorite Kaiju and action-show classics. Take to the battlefield with your favorite Titan, crush your foes, and cause as much mayhem as possible to transform into your ultimate form, the titanic S-Class!

Gigabash is available now on PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store.

Gigabash Official Launch Trailer

Gigabash Worldview

For centuries, human technology and culture ruled the surface, yet the deeper secrets of the Earth lay hidden from our eyes. Until one day, the discovery of a new form of energy called forth the ancient terrors unknown to mankind. Thus began the rise of monsters around the world. Their battle against us and their own kind, raged throughout the world, leaving only destruction in their wake.

GigaBash StoryMode Screenshot 2
GigaBash StoryMode Screenshot 1
GigaBash screenshot 20

Gigabash Gameplay

Gigabash is a monster brawler featuring gameplay inspired by classic 3D brawlers like Power Stones, with a few added additions! As a towering titan, you build Giga Energy as you fight and cause destruction to your environment, allowing you to transform into a monstrous S-Class monster, buffing your abilities tremendously, making you an unstoppable force of destruction!

You can even pick up buildings and other objects in the environment like rocks to flatten and attack your opponents, in your non-stop rampage through cities, exotic locales, and other familiar locations. Be careful of the environment though! As each location is host to unique arena mechanics, allowing the battle to shift and turn in various interesting ways.

And if you’ve been missing a good couch game to play with friends, Gigabash has you covered as the game brings with it four-player mayhem on a single screen!

GigaBash Kongkrete 2
GigaBash Kongkrete 3
GigaBash Kongkrete 4
GigaBash MayhemMode Screenshot 2
GigaBash Rawa 2
GigaBash screenshot 2
GigaBash screenshot 5
GigaBash Rawa 1

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