Honkai Impact 3rd is Releasing v5.9 “Banquet of Helix” on August 11


Ready for a steampunk-style feast for the eyes? Honkai Impact 3rd is releasing its newest character, ranked 5th of the 13 Flame-Chasers, the chaotic Vill-V! Eight personalities in one body, she performs a magical show with turrets and chariot that deal devastating damage with smashing firepower.

Coming with Vill-V is Story Chapter XXXI Leading the journey of the Elysian Realm to the very end. Lastly, Captains will be able to enjoy a full list of summer events in v5.9, and gain cool and refreshing outfits for Valkyries!

Honkai Impact 3rd v5.9 is available on August 11.

Honkai Impact 3rd Banquet Of Helix Trailer

Honkai Impact 3rd New Character Vill-V

A scholar, an expert, or a great magician, Vill-V can be whatever she wants, all different and completely unique! Using her turrets and great chariot, smash through the battlefield while unleashing a rain of steampunk-styled hellfire on your opponents!

Honkai 3rd v59 launches august 004
Honkai 3rd v59 launches august 005

Honkai Impact 3rd Story Chapter XXXI

Chapter XXXI is finally here! The longest chapter to have ever been added to Honkai Impact, this chapter adds new areas to the open world map, with new challenges and rewards, with a fatal duel at the end of the chapter against a fated opponent.

Honkai 3rd v59 launches august 003

Honkai Impact 3rd Summer Event

Summer is almost here! Participate in the event to earn skins for Miss Pink Elf, Calico Reverie, and pull for the Infinite Ouroboros skin! You can also earn more crystals, along with a unique summer emblem, and ribbon.

More details for the summer event will be revealed at a later date

Honkai Impact 3rd
Honkai 3rd v59 launches august 002

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