Clover Theater x Nijisanji Collaboration Begins on August 9


It hasn’t even been a week, and NetEase Games’ Clover Theater is already getting ready to launch its first collaboration event, and it’s with the VTuber group Nijisanji! The collaboration brings Nijisanji’s Ex-SEEDs member Rindou Mikoto, and from Mananatsu, Naraka to the game as playable characters with voice work!

The game is also planning a series of streams with various members of Nijisanji today! During August,various members of AniMare and Nijisanji will stream the game, with Nui Sociere streaming the game today at 19:00 [JST]!

The collaboration event begins on August 9.

Clover Theater x Nijisanji New Characters

Rindou Mikoto and Naraka are joining the game from Nijisanji! The pair will be added to the game with live2D animations, featuring their spectacular special attacks! Look forward to the pair’s unique animations along with voiceover to go with it.

Clover Theater

Clover Theater x Nijisanji Stream Relay

Members of Animare and Nijisanji are hosting stream relays for Clover Theater, playing the game live on their streams! Animare is having their stream relays from August 5 to August 7, with Nijisanji Members having their streams on August 15, August 18, and August 27 on their channels.

Check out their channels below!
Nui Sociere: Steam Date – August 5, 19:00 [JST]
Inaba Hanaeru: Stream Date – August 6
Kazami Kuku: Stream Date – August 7
Naraka: Stream Date – August 15
Rindou Mikoto: Stream Date – August 18
Suo Sango: Stream Date – August 27

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