Brave Frontier Heroes Blockchain RPG is Available Now


Brave Frontier, is back now… Kind of, as Brave Frontier Heroes, a blockchain title that is a crossover between Brave Frontier, and another popular blockchain game, My Crypto Heroes. Despite your thoughts and my gripes and concerns with blockchain gaming as a whole, Brave Frontier Heroes is now the fate of the series, despite sharing little resemblance gameplay-wise.

The original Brave Frontier series was discontinued on April 25, 2022, including Brave Frontier 2, and Brave Frontier ReXona, to the dismay of several of its fans that enjoyed the series back when it came out in 2013.

Brave Frontier Heroes is out now on the game’s website, Google Play, and the App Store.

Brave Frontier Heroes

Brave Frontier Heroes WorldView

Brave Frontier Heroes is set as a continuation of Brave Frontiers. That’s right, if you want to sort of relive or continue the original story of the beloved original, this is it. Keep in mind that the synopsis is incredibly on-the-nose about its cryptocurrency influences that what I’m about to say, is pretty much what’s on the website.

As the members of the Akras Summoner’s Hall Survey Office continue to explore unknown regions, they come across powerful energy that introduces them to the new world of “Crypto”. In this world summoned heroes and weapons can be collected as assets. This world welcomes those that enjoy gathering weapons and raising heroes, with a desire to create new assets and want to profit through trades. Take your place in this world as “Crypto’s Strongest Summoner”.

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Brave Frontier Heroes Gameplay.

The game features two core game modes, PVE Quest and PVP Arena, where you can play, and compete with others in 5v5 auto-battles to earn equipment and units, to strengthen your party.

Unlike the original Brave Frontier, Brave Frontier Heroes does not include a summoning or gacha system, opting to let you earn all of these from play, or of course through trading with other players, as the game wants to create artificial scarcity through units ranked from Rare to Legendary.

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The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and as such before you want to play the title you need to own an ETH wallet from either Metamask or a wallet provided by the developers. The Ethereum blockchain powers Metamask and is known as the cryptocurrency commonly used to value NFTs.

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If you want to learn more about the game’s implementation of cryptocurrency, you can visit the game’s blog, which rather condescendingly describes blockchain gaming and cryptocurrencies.

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