Among Us x Hololive Cosmicube Collab Begins on September 21


Among Us is collaborating with the Hololive Vtuber agency to bring outfits from 10 Hololive members to the game!

You will soon be able to purchase the Hololive Cosmicube, which is a kind permanent battle pass you purchase once, and play to earn Hololive cosmetics. The Hololive Members joining the game include Ayunda Risu, Gawr Gura, Houshou Marine, Inugami Korone, Moona Hoshinova, Nekomata Okayu, Ookami Mio, Shirakami Fubuki, Usada Pekora, and Watson Amelia, along with several new visor cosmetics to match the quirky Hololive members!

The Among Us x Hololive Cosmicube is on sale on September 21 until December 20.

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Among Us x Hololive Collaboration Cosmetics

Once you purchase the Hololive Cosmicube from the in-game shop for 110 Stars, you’ll be able to earn the following cosmetics:

■ Ayunda Risu Outfit
■ Ayunda Risu Hat
■ Gawr Gura Outfit
■ Gawr Gura Hat
■ Houshou Marine Hat
■Houshou Marine Outfit
■ Inugami Korone Outfit
■ Inugami Korone Hat
■ Moona Hoshinova Outfit
■ Moona Hosinova Hat
■ Nekomata Okayu Outfit
■ Nekomata Okayu Hat
■ Ookami Mio Outfit
■ Ookami Mio Hat
■ Shirakami Fubuki Outfit
■ Shirakami Fubuki Hat
■ Usada Pekora Hat
■ Usada Pekora Outfit
■ Watson Amelia Outfit
■ Watson Amelia Hat
■ No Thoughts Visor
■ Sweepy Visor
■ Smug Aura Visor
■ Ah. Visor
■ Hmph! Visor
■ Teehee! Visor
■ Bored Now Visor
■ Nudge-Nudge Visor
■ Marine’s Eyepatch Visor
■ Haha What Could Be Wrong? Visor

Among Us x Hololive

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