FrontierWorks Unveils Hiyoku no Tori, a Joseimuke Multimedia IP that Centers on the Ikemen Detectives


Sotsu, FrontierWorks, Ikure, and Plus81 announced in conjunction a brand-new multimedia project, Hiyoku no Tori (literal translation: Birds of Prey), an original project which includes both a visual novel game and a drama CD.

The project is an occult mystery-style project, which centers on a group of detectives, who investigate and solve bizarre cases in Kyoto. The novel game and the drama CD are planned to be released simultaneously, and while each can be enjoyed as a complete story, playing and watching both will fully convey the appeal of the characters and the worldview, according to the developers.

FrontierWorks Unveils Hiyoku no Tori, a Joseimuke Multimedia IP that Centers on the Detectives

Hiyoku no Tori Worldview

Our story begins at the Kamoin Detective Agency, a.k.a. Camotan, which has an office in Kyoto. Requests to the office range from searching for missing pets to investigating affairs.
However, there is one feature that sets it apart from other detective agencies: The occult.

For some reason, occult-like consultations about ghosts, spirits, and psychic powers come in incessantly. In the ancient capital of Kyoto, where the evil spirits of the mountains and mountains abound, Kamotan’s detectives are always on the lookout for mysterious cases.

Hiyoku no Tori Characters & Cast

■ Tatsumi Ousato – CV: Masaaki Mizunaka

hiyoku no tori char1

Hyougo Ootori – CV: Shō Karino

hiyoku no tori char2

■ Kujiki Renji – CV: Daisuke Hirakawa

hiyoku no tori char3

■ Kosaku Minobe – CV: Yū Miyazaki

hiyoku no tori char4

Hiyoku no Tori Main Staff

Story Draft: Toshio Okada (Sotsu) / Junya Tamano (Plus 81)
Character Draft: Nimitaka
Screenplay: Yuzuko Asao
Sound: Kohyei Ryusei, RYU(BLOOD STAIN CHILD)

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