1000xResist Narrative Adventure Game Announced for PC and Switch in 2023


Publisher Fellow Traveler and sunset visitor announced a new title called 1000xResist, a game that’s described as a “hyper cinematic narrative adventure”. The game is coming to Switch and PC through multiple platforms.

1000x Resist is a narrative-driven title where you play as a CLONE, worshipping the last surviving member of humanity when a dangerous rumor shatters your faith, causing you to have to relive 1000 years’ worth of history and resist the influence of this human.

1000xResist launches in 2023 for Switch and PC via Steam, Epic Games, GOG, and the Humble Store.

1000xResist Game Reveal Trailer

1000xResist Worldview

You are a CLONE, a watcher. A worshipper of the Allmother, the last surviving human on a desolate world where the air is unbreathable, and the world is hostile to human life.

One day, the FIXER, your closest sister comes to you baring a grim revelation, something that you don’t believe at first but can’t deny nonetheless. The 1000-year history that has been fed to you could very well be a lie, and it’s up to you to relive the memories of god, and resist this lie and uncover the truth, and decide what you want to do with it.

1000xresist unveil 00 7
1000xresist unveil 00 3

1000xResist Gameplay

1000xResist has you exploring multiple worlds in different periods of history to relive the past, present, and future. Here you can observe the environment and find clues to piece together the true history of humanity, and uncover the lies that have been fed to you by the Allmother. The game seems to feature no combat, but has multiple branching narratives with multiple endings, as your choices will affect the next generation.

1000xresist unveil 00 6
1000xresist unveil 00 5
1000xresist unveil 00 4

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