Archeland 3D SRPG Begins CBT in Korea Next Month


Registration for the Closed Beta test of Archeland begins today! The game is a turn-based strategy title being developed by Blackjack Studio, a subsidiary of Zlong Game, featuring a fantasy world and tons of characters with stylish 3D combat animations! If you’re looking for a quick three-word description of the title, think “Korean Fire Emblem”!

You can Pre-register for the CBT today until October 7, and the test will be available for both iOS and Android devices in Korea on October 12. The game is also planned for a global release but the release and CBT schedule are yet to be unveiled. Players who are interested in the game can stick to the official EN Facebook for the latest information.

Archeland CBT Trailer

Archeland Worldview

Archeland is set in a fantasy world and follows Avia, a princess who once witnessed the murder of her family before her very eyes, helpless as a child. What was once a princess who had lost all hope in the world, finds new purpose in fighting in the name of Pharos, the god deity she worships with her new companions.

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Archeland Gameplay

Archeland is a turn-based strategy game for mobile, and essentially operates very similarly to Fire Emblem, with incredibly flashy attack animations, and characters moving along a grid with a basic attack command and skills that can be activated by meeting certain conditions.

Characters can have different basic abilities ranging from healing, dealing with AOE attacks, and devastating single-target attacks. With so many varied units and attack patterns, you’ll be able to build your team based on a strategy you want to implement and dominate the battlefield.

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