Mobile RPG Valkyrie Anatomia x Bravely Default event is now running

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Square Enix’s mobile RPG Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin (ヴァルキリーアナトミア -ジ・オリジン-) is now having a crossover event with Bravely Default (ブレイブリーデフォルト), the RPG title by the same owner. The event started yesterday (19th June).

Bravely Default’s popular characters Agnes Oblige and Ringabel are now available in Valkyrie Anatomia.

▼ Agnes Oblige

▼ Ringabel

The event is in two volumes:

■ FAIRY’S DICTIONARY: 12th June – 18th July

■ FAIRY CIRCLE: 19th June – 18th July

Bravely Default is originally an RPG title produced for Nintendo 3DS by Silicon Studio but owned and published by Square Enix, while Valkyrie Anatomia is entirely developed and published by Square Enix.

Valkyrie Anatomia’s official website:

VALKYRIE ANATOMIA ヴァルキリーアナトミア VALKYRIE ANATOMIA -The Origin- | Japanese VALKYRIE ANATOMIA ヴァルキリーアナトミア SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. 4.2 More
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