Things You Need to Know Before Getting Started in DanMachi Memoria Freese

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From the creators of Another Eden, Wright Flyer Studios, comes DanMachi Memoria Freese (ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか〜メモリア・フレーゼ〜), a mobile RPG based on the hit series Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか).

1. First Draw
2. Stats Overview
3. Importance of 3-Star Characters
4. Assist Characters
5. Using Items
6. Daily Missions
7. Misc.

1: First Draw

For your first draw you definitely want a 4-star Main character. depending on your playstyle, (Damage over everything or sustain) you’ll want either a Physical DPS or a healer. Below is a couple of natural 4-star characters that are good to start with. 4-Star Assist Characters aren’t bad, but you can’t bring them to the battlefield directly, so having a good main character first is better.

Physical DPS

Bell Cranel – P.Attack

Ais Wallenstein – P.Attack


Riveria Ljos Alf – Healer

Liliruca Arde – Healer

Personally, I would pick Riveria or Ais. Reveria has a strong AoE heal, and most importantly her basic attacks and ultimate deals magic damage which is useful since there are more enemies that take less physical damage later on in-game. Picking Ais for first draw will make the first 9-10 chapters pretty easy, given that you upgrade her stats progressively. At 5 stars, both characters will learn a strong AoE skill which makes them absolute farming machines.

2. Know Your Stats

HP and MP is universal in every game so there really isn’t a point going through them. Here’s what you might need help with.

物攻: Physical Attack (P.Attack)
魔攻: Magic Attack (M.Attack)
防御: Defense

Just like in Another Eden, characters each have their own skill trees that grants additional stats and effects.

力: Determines Physical Damage and Chance to Pierce
耐久: Determines Damage Received + Chance to Guard
器用: Determines Crit Chance, Pierce Rate + Counter Rate
敏捷: Determines Action Speed, Crit Rate, Guard Rate + Counter Rate
魔力: Determines Magic Damage + MP Recovery

3. Strengthen 3-Star Characters

Not that character rarity isn’t important, but early on in the game, it is waay more effective to focus on upgrading 3-star characters first. 3-star characters uses small resources to gain additional stats and skills in the skill tree, whereas 4-star + characters requires medium to large resources which is typically found in the Hard daily dungeons. Due to the difficulty gap between Normal and Hard, it is essential to have characters at 3-stars with a max skill tree.

Once you can comfortably farm Hard daily dungeons you can spend the time to upgrade your 4-star characters. The reason why you want to swap to focusing on natural 4-star characters is because they gain more stats from the skill tree, which makes them stronger end game.

4. Assist Characters

When choosing an Assist Character, there are a two things you want to be aware of.

Main Stat – You want your assist character to have the same main stat (highest stat) as your main character to really boost the character. Having a P.Attack character with a M.Attack assist character will be a total waste.

Passive Skill – Each Assist character has a different Assist skill. These range from increased P.Attack, M.Attack, P.Defense, and M.Defense to increased stats “力 “, “耐久 “, “器用 “, “敏捷 “, and “魔力”.

To check the passive skill simply tap the refresh-like button on the top right corner when look at an assist character’s stat.

5. Use Your Items

Seriously, the game rewards you with so many stamina refill items and dungeon unlockers, you should really use them to your advantage. Instead of waiting for dungeons to open normally, just use your items to farm whenever you want to so you can upgrade your party and progress faster.

With these tips in your hand, you can now go and build your own team to dive into the dungeons of DanMachi!

Daily Missions

1. Login Bonus x2
2. Clear Episode x1
3. Strengthen Character x1 (either boost lvl or raise stats)
4. Complete Flana Quest x1
5. Complete Excelia Quest x1
6. Talk to 3 Characters
7.Clear all Daily Missions


Name Changing: Access the Menu grid on the top right corner > Select Profile (second line first button) > The Quill icon (feather) next to current username to change

Download via WiFi only: Menu Grid (top right) > Settings (Last line first button) > Untick the first box under the Audio Sliders

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