The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague AGF2022 Stage Report – A Doki-Doki Love Story that Melts Your Hearts!


At Animate Girls Festival 2022 held from November 5 to 6, the upcoming television anime The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague held a special stage event featuring three voice cast; Chiaki Kobayashi (who plays Himuro), Yui Ishikawa (who plays Fuyutsuki), and Yumi Uchiyama (who plays Komori). During the event, the anime has confirmed its premiere date on January 4 next year!

In addition to a talk show touching upon The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague’s charms and characters, there was also a live performance by the opening song artist Takao Sakuma! Follow us to see what had been shared on stage!


A Kyun Kyun Relationships Between the Protagonists

Greeted by the applause from the audience, the voice cast of The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague; Chiaki Kobayashi, Yui Ishikawa, and Yumi Uchiyama join the stage with a message from another cast Koki Uchiyama, who was unable to take the stage after testing positive for COVID-19.

While the message wasn’t presented in simple readings, Kobayashi read it loud in the tune of Uchiyama’s voice. The surprisingly good imitation not only made his fellow voice cast laugh but also brought a joyful moment to the event venue.

In the midst of a warm atmosphere, we were introduced to The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague, a heartwarming love comedy centering around Himuro, a descendant of a Yuki Onna who lives in the present age, and Fuyutsuki, Himuro’s colleague with a rather calm personality. 

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As the heroine of the series, Fuyutsuki is a rather cool officer worker who doesn’t express much emotion. But beneath her calm face, she is a cute girl and a typical cat slave. The anime series also showcases her changes when she meets Himuro and her rather weird colleagues while gradually showing various expressions. Uchiyama and Kobayashi were also smitten by Fuyutsuki, mentioning that she has a ‘Gap Moe’ with a kawaii girly side.

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On the other hand, the protagonist Himuro, the descendant of Yuki-onna, has a huge crush on Fuyutsuki. Kobayashi, who plays Himuro, mentioned that the setting of Himuro was simply fascination as he could summon snowstorms whenever his emotions go ups and down. He also highlighted that Himuro will get into a super fast monologue in the Kansai dialect whenever he was charmed by Fuyutsuki.

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague AGF2022 Stage Report - A Doki-Doki Love Story that Melts Your Hearts!
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Komori, a co-worker of Fuyutsuki and Himuro, is a descendant of the Inu. She is a mood-maker with a rather bright personality. Uchiyama, who plays Komori, said that she was having fun playing this role, and always her heart beating for the sweet moment shared by Fuyutsuki and Himuro. The coupling between Komori and Saejima (played by Kouki Uchiyama) was another highlight of the series while Saejima was always being pushed around by the carefree personality of Komori.

A Q&A Session with the Anime Staff!

The stage event also featured a Q&A session where The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague anime staff will respond to the questions that were collected from the official Twitter.

The anime’s director Mankyu has shared an episode that made him feel like ‘It was going to be a snowstorm…”. He mentioned that during recordings, Ishikawa’s shy acting made him extremely nervous, while Kobayashi’s heart-pounding Himuro was cute that he can’t help but imagine that it would be wonderful to have such a colleague.

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The next question discusses how the anime’s story was written when the manga was composed with standalone chapters. It is also a question concerning fans of the original manga.

According to the anime’s series composition Tomoko Kompardu, the anime’s story focuses on the process when Fuyutsuki and Himuro gradually shortened their distance. The order of chapters may have been changed or put together, but the main progress and relationships between characters remained intact as in the original manga.

The last question touched upon the differences that television anime has made from the original manga. Miyagi, the animation producer, that the production team had paid a lot of effort into creating the clothes for the characters. The female cast can’t agree more while Ishikawa and Uchiyama expressed that the fashionable clothes and accessories in the anime would make a perfect reference for working attire.

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A Live Performance of Singer Takao Sakuma!

After the Q&A sessions, the mood of the stage went was pumped up following a live performance by the opening song artist Takao Sakuma appeared on stage.

It was also the first time for the opening song “FROZEN MIDNIGHT” to be unveiled and performed in front of the public! With the opening video of the anime, which will also be released for the first time, streaming in the background, Takao delivered a soft and gentle voice that warmly melts your heart.

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While the stage event was heading to its end, several new information about The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague anime series was revealed. The second key visual, in which all the characters are gathered, has been released for the first time.

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Anime Reveals New Visual, Official Trailer, and January 4 Premiere

It was also announced that the ending theme “Linaria” is performed by Nowlu. The release of the original soundtrack and Blu-ray have also been confirmed. The jacket drawn for the first volume was also unveiled for the first time.

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The TV anime The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague will premiere on January 4, 2023! It is a heartwarming story that is perfect for the new year, so don’t forget to check it out!

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