Sony Interactive Entertainment to Publish Lost Soul Aside and Unveils New Trailer


Sony Interactive Entertainment announced it will be publishing Ultizero Games’ Action RPG title, Lost Soul Aside.

Officially announced in 2016 before it held another title when it was still in early production, the title is an action game under development by Ultizero Games, and before that was spearheaded by Yang Bing, a solo developer who created all of the assets and gameplay by themselves before being picked up by the China Hero Project initiative to help local developers produce higher quality titles.

Lost Soul Side is a high-fidelity action RPG created in Unreal Engine, featuring intense boss fights and encounters in a sci-fi fantasy world with combat similar to Devil May Cry, and a large sprawling world where you can let your exploration techniques run wild.

Lost Soul Aside will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment globally exclusively for the PS4 and PS5.

Lost Soul Aside China Hero Project Trailer

Lost Soul Aside Gameplay

Lost Soul Aside follows the story of Kazer, following his encounter and merger with the symbiont Arena. Here he is stuck in a loop of seemingly endless combat where he has to fight his way past the arena’s champions to find an escape. Lost Soul Aside features deeply rewarding combat with loads of options at the player’s disposal, various weapons, and fast-paced and frantic dodging, parrying, and other techniques common to action titles.

Lost Soul Aside
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