Fire Emblem Engage Reveals Japanese Overview Trailer


Fire Emblem Engage released a new gameplay overview trailer in Japanese, explaining how various mechanics from the game works!

Fire Emblem Engage’s trailer covers several features including the use and benefits of equipping Emblem rings, how to use the “Engage” function that combines your power with the Emblem Ring, Engage attacks, and some of the unique exclusive skills you can get from using Engage that lets you buff your allies, heal them, and do so much more!

Fire Emblem Engage launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023

Fire Emblem Engage Overview Trailer

Fire Emblem Engage – Equipping Emblem Rings

In Fire Emblem Engage, the key feature and mechanic this time around are the Emblem Rings, which when equipped lets you “synchronise” with the Emblem character within!

Equipping an Emblem Ring will enhance your stats across the board depending on its class and weapon type. You will also be given new skills on top of your character, further enhancing their usability on the battlefield..

Fire Emblem Engage Reveals Japanese Overview Trailer

Synchronising also powers up your attack. When attacking an enemy your Emblem will emerge from your ring, dealing additional damage and attacking with you, letting you finish off opponents you otherwise wouldn’t be able to yourself!

FE Engage Overview trailer 013

Once you’ve battled enough enemies, you can use the Engage function, which combines your power with your Emblem, granting you a new form, additional abilities and granting you use of the Emblem’s signature weapon!

FE Engage Overview trailer 014
FE Engage Overview trailer 015

Engaging will not restore all of your health, however, it will give even more bonus stats for equipping the Emblem’s weapon, and grant you a special ability depending on the character, such as a chance to recover health on every attack!

FE Engage Overview trailer 016
FE Engage Overview trailer 017

The power of the Emblem Rings also become enhanced based on the bonds the characters share, so throughout multiple playthroughs you can think of raising the bond between one character and another emblem ring for new strategies and dialogue.

FE Engage Overview trailer 031

Fire Emblem Engage – Engage Skills

New with Fire Emblem Engage is also the Engage function, which is a powerful transformation mechanic that grants you new skills, powerful attacks and even more stat bonuses.

Over the course of the battle, your Emblem character will build up the engage meter. This meter fills up every time you perform an attack or support action on the battlefield. Once it fills up, you can truly synchronise with the Emblem, by performing an Engage!

FE Engage Overview trailer 029
FE Engage Overview trailer 030

Once you have engaged with an emblem you can execute powerful Engage skills, cinematic attacks and powerful buffs that can completely change the tide of battle and give you new strategic opportunities, let’s go over the ones shown in the trailer featuring Corrin, Marth, Sigurd, Lyn, Byleth and Celica!

FE Engage Overview trailer 018
FE Engage Overview trailer 019

For characters like Sigurd, a pegasus knight, his engage form grants your unit increased movement distance, making sure that no enemy is out of reach from your spear.

FE Engage Overview trailer 020

His special attack lets him pierce multiple enemies at once in a line, then on top of that can still move after this attack, giving you access to deadly hit-and-run strategies from miles away!

FE Engage Overview trailer 021

Characters like Celica that specialize in magic, grant you casters the ability to attack twice but at a 50% penalty to that attack. While this may not seem like a change in damage, this lets you finish off multiple lower-health enemies with just a single turn. She can also execute a “Warp-Liner” attack, which lets you perform a warp and then attack an enemy near the area you’ve landed, giving you incredible movement opportunities and turning the caster into something of an assassin!

FE Engage Overview trailer 022
FE Engage Overview trailer 023

Lyn’s ability is not as flashy but still incredibly deadly, as her bow gives her near-infinite attack range, letting you strike foes from anywhere on the battlefield without giving them the chance to retaliate.

FE Engage Overview trailer 028

Byleth brings his experience as an instructor and the support of the goddess with him, as he has the incredible ability to allow all characters adjacent to him to perform actions again even after they’ve attacked, giving them twice as many turns! He can also buff the speed of all allies within a two-space radius of him, truly guiding those around him to victory.

FE Engage Overview trailer 027
FE Engage Overview trailer 026

Not to be outdone, Corrin brings the power of the dragon with her, letting her perform powerful buffs and debuffs and debuffs on several targets on the battlefield, healing them, decreasing the enemy’s evasion, and more!

FE Engage Overview trailer 025
FE Engage Overview trailer 024

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