Touken Ranbu Online Celebrates 8th Anniversary With New Sword, Haccho Nenbutsu


DMM Game’s Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- is celebrating its 8th anniversary! Several gifts will be gifted to all Saniwa as an appreciation for your support. Furthermore, a new sword, Haccho Nenbutsu (CV: Chiba Shoya), is now available through a limited-time campaign!

In this Limited-Time Forge Campaign, a feature to set the number of resources input to 700 has been added temporarily! Note that even if you spend that much, you’re not guaranteed to get Haccho Nenbutsu.

Touken Ranbu Online – Haccho Nenbutsu Trailer [JP]

About Hacchou Nenbutsu

Hacchou Nenbutsu is a famous sword forged by Yukiie of the Katayama-Ichimonji school of swordsmiths from Bizen Province and worn by Saika Magoichi. head of the Saika clan.

After a fierce battle during which he cut down many enemy warrior monks. his wielder Magoichi managed to walk a distance of 880 yards (this is where the Hacchou in its name comes from) while reciting Buddhist verses (this is where Nenbutsu comes from), before finally succumbing to his wounds. This sword is said to be so sharp it can pierce stones like a skewer.

touken ranbu 8th anniversary hacchou

Touken Ranbu Online 8th Anniversary Login Gift

To celebrate the 8th Anniversary of Touken Ranbu Online, Backdrop and Handy Items will be given away for free if you log in during this period! Furthermore, you can also get 7000 of each resource, as well as 10 Help Tokens, which lets you perform one Forge by Ten for Haccho Nenbutsu!

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Touken Ranbu Online 8th Anniversary Campaigns

To celebrate the 8th anniversary, several campaigns to help your gaming progress will be held from January 13, such as increased EXP from Justicars and enemies, doubled drop rate from Bosses, and one campaign where until January 23, any wounded Touken Danshi will require NO resources to be repaired!

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Trading Post Returns for a Limited Time!

Starting January 13, the Trading Post will be available for a limited time. Get Touken Danshi, Handy Items, and more here, by using Trade Stamps (Honmaru) that can be obtained from the New Year’s wishes gifts and Omikuji.

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Touken Ranbu Online 8th Anniversary Packs

Special 8th Anniversary Packs are currently on sale through the in-game store! These include Phonographs, Fuji Ofuda, Request Tokens, and more!

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Furthermore, an exclusive Forging Booster set containing resources and Ofuda is currently available on the in-game shop as well. If you’re running low on resources, Value Sets are also available.

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