Tales of Wedding Rings Romantic Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime


Square Enix has announced that Maybe’s Tales of Wedding Rings is receiving an anime adaptation. A teaser visual created by the original author was also revealed together with the announcement.

No release window was disclosed yet, but it was revealed that Gen Sato will be the voice of the protagonist Satou and Akari Kitō will play Hime, Satou’s childhood friend.

weddingring visual

Tales of Wedding Rings is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Maybe. It started serialization in Monthly Big Gangan in March 2014 and has been published in twelve volumes thus far.

The story centers on Satou, an ordinary student who secretly had feelings for his childhood friend Hime. One day, when Satou decides to confess his feelings to Hime, she suddenly tells him that she has to move to a faraway place. Unable to give up on his love, Satou pursues Hime and suddenly finds himself in another world.

As it turns out, Hime is one of the five Princesses of the Ring in this other world. Satou is suddenly asked by Hime to marry her, and as the heroic Ring-King he must confront the threats to the world, and in order to draw out the true power of the ring, he must marry the remaining four princesses as well…?!

Q&A with Tales of Wedding Rings Anime Cast

What were your initial impressions when you first saw Tales of Wedding Rings?

Gen Sato: At first glance, it may seem like a harem story, but I believe that the process of gradually trusting each other and creating absolute confidence in each other is the best friendship story. Above all, you will be touched by Satou’s heart as he expresses his love for Hime in a straightforward manner.

Akari Kitō: Tales of Wedding Rings is a combination of various elements such as romance, battle, and fantasy. I couldn’t predict how the story would unfold, and it really made me curious about the rest of the story! The unique worldview, the unique characters, and the love between Sato and Hime kept me engaged and I just couldn’t stop reading!

Are you excited about the upcoming recording sessions?

Gen Sato: At the audition, I was talking to my manager that I would be very happy to get the role of Satou because we share the same name! I was very surprised when I got a call later saying that I landed this role. I was very happy to hear that they had chosen me because I was familiar with the original manga. In fact, my grandmother gave me six rings as a good-luck charm!

Akari Kitō: I first encountered Tales of Wedding Rings shortly after I started my career. I had the opportunity to voice Hime in a VR comic book project*. I am so happy that after several years, the work has been adapted into an anime, and that I get to play the role of Hime again after all these years. I have grown since then, and I hope to be able to present to you the Hime that I am able to do now, and I will do my best.

*She refers to the adaptation that was first released in March 2018 at Square Enix’s AnimeJapan booth, which was later made available for the HTC Vive on September 25, 2018.

tales of wedding rings vol 1

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