Majyo no Furo Life is a New IP About Witches and Hot Springs by Hiroaki Iwano


Akatsuki announced Majyo no Furo Life, a new IP project created by producer Hiroaki Iwano, who is known to create Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur, Mashiro Witch, and Alice Order. The company also announced that it is currently developing the project’s first visual novel.

Majyo no Furo Life (The Bathing Life of Witches) is a project that centers around witches, hot springs, and unhurried life. It aims to spread a laid-back and easygoing life while enjoying hot springs throughout the world. Starting with the first novel, which is scheduled to be released in the near future, Majyo no Furo Life plans to develop multiple works in a variety of media.

The official website of Majyo no Furo Life was also opened, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a hot spring with the characters in this work.

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Majyo no Furo Life Story

Yunoka Ichijo, a high school girl who loves hot springs and lives in a hot-spring town, meets Sapi, an amnesiac witch from another world.
Sapi, who has become captivated by the hot springs thanks to Yunoka’s hospitality, enjoys her time in the town while searching for clues to her memory with the help of the hot springs club to which Yuka belongs.

Sapi went on a hot spring trip with everyone in the club, chatted with the townspeople at the public bathhouse, enjoyed hot spring manjū, and so on… In the midst of these warm days, Sapi and the hot-spring club found a new goal…

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Majyo no Furo Life Characters

■ Sapitetrue “Sapi”

A witch who came from another world for a certain reason. She lost almost all of her memories when she was transferred. She met a hot spring-loving girl named Yunoka right after her transfer and also fell in love with the charm of the hot springs.

– Height: 157cm
– Birthday: Unknown
– Hobbies: Collecting spa products, drinking tea
– Likes: Japanese-style food, ice cream
– Dislikes: Exercise
– Favorite Hot Spring: Free-flowing hot-spring water, without heating and sterilization
– Favorite Hot spring manjū: I prefer bean-jam manjūwith grains of red bean paste
– Daily Routine: Drinking soy milk every morning under the influence of Yunoka

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■ Yunoka Ichijo

A second-year high school student who lives in Shuzenji and loves hot springs. Her hobbies include collecting sneakers and enjoying hot springs. She is a member of her school’s hot spring club. After meeting Sapi, she discovers what she really wants to do.

– Height: 155cm
– Birthday: November 4
– Hobbies: Collecting sneakers
– Likes: Hot spring manjuu, fruit milk after taking a hot spring bath, crabs!
– Dislikes: hard work
– Favorite Hot Spring: Alkaline simple hot spring
– Favorite Hot spring manjū: I love all kinds of them!
– Daily routine: Drinking soy milk every morning because of my mother’s influence.

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■ Ibuki Shibahara

A second-year high school student who has known Yunoka since childhood. She loves physical exercise and has a weakness for cute things.

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■ Yachiyo Tsukisaka

A third-year high school student who leads the Hot Springs Club. She is an honor student, but her black-hearted side sometimes leaks out in front of the club…?

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■ Lilya Senagawa

Yunoka’s high-school former student who founded the Hot Springs Club. Her passion and energy for hot springs are second to none, and she even takes time off from college to go to hot springs…?

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