Dokapon Kingdom: Connect RPG Party Game Launches In Spring 2023


One of the best party games of the PS2 era, Dokapon Kingdom is getting a remake for the Nintendo Switch as Dokapon Kingdom: Connect!

The remake of the game is scheduled for release on April 13 in Japan and will feature four-player online multiplayer support as well as of course offline couch-coop to let you relive the good old days. The game is also coming to the west in Spring 2023 to Europe and North America, and you can pre-order the game for USD$49.99

Dokapon Kingdom is a board game and RPG hybrid, with players exploring the world with the goal of earning the most money, compared to the other players on the board! Beat monsters, change jobs and get into all manners of weird hijinks, and even mess up your friends in this no-holds-barred battle of fun!

Update: The game is also coming to the west in Spring 2023!

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Trailer

About Dokapon Kingdom: Connect

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Dokapon where the people enjoyed nothing more than their money. The sight of its golden glimmer, the comforting clink of a full wallet, the metallic taste of a freshly minted coin. Everyone in the kingdom loved cash, even more than the king himself.

One day, monsters appeared out of nowhere and attacked the towns of Dokapon Kingdom. These monsters took from the common folk, making it impossible for the common folk to even pay their taxes.

dokapon kingdom connect 0 13

The King, moved to tears by the plight of his people and his income, called upon heroes from far and wide to free his people from the monsters. The reward? His daughter’s hand in marriage, and to be next in line for the throne!

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The rules are simple. Up to four players play on a grid with the goal to earn more money than anyone else. Each player takes on the role of a hero from an RPG archetype, and has to stop a spinner to determine how many steps they can take along a board.

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As you stop on a node, you’ll trigger encounters such as fighting monsters, picking up items, and treasures, and can even change jobs. Along the way, you can even sabotage your friends by stealing their money!

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