Graze Counter GM Retro Shoot ’em up is Now Available on PC and Consoles


Henteko Doujin has officially released the shoot-em-up game Graze Counter GM on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game is priced at USD$14,99 on consoles, but it is currently available for a 20% discount on Steam, at US$11.99.

Graze Counter GM is a vertical-scrolling 2D shooting game based on the concept of grazing. The player fills up the gauge by grazing enemy bullets and then uses the gauge to perform a special Graze Counter to destroy enemies in one fell swoop. When an enemy is destroyed by a counterattack, a star will appear. Grabbing will fill another gauge called the Break Gauge, where if filled, the player can attack in the even more powerful Break Mode.

graze counter gm1
graze counter gm4 1

The story setting is the 23rd century and is about a secret defense organization known as Sabers that sends a fighter attack program and its pilots in order to solve a problem in the virtual network of EDEN. The pilots include Ugetsu Gin-yose, a man who dresses as a woman for a reason, Satsuki Furuyama, his best friend and former male friend, and Zanko Kirisame, a girl who is in love with Ugetsu.

Graze Counter GM Trailer

Graze Counter GM Gamplay

Graze Counter GM features a total of seven stages, divided into 5 that you always play and 2 that require a route branch. You can also play all seven at once in the All-Stage Mode.

graze counter gm6

There are also four difficulty levels, and a total of 16 types of aircraft, including popular STG-loving Vtubers Hatsuki Hachimiya and Tomoko Machins, as well as 2 more playable guest ships from GRAND CROSS: ReNOVATION and Blue Sabers: Early Mission!

graze counter gm7

Graze Counter GM Characters

Uzuki Ginyose
Male pilot of the [APRIL DIVIDER] attack program. He may look like a girl, but he’s dressed that way for specific combat reasons. Plus he doesn’t really mind how it feels either…

graze counter gm char 1

Satsuki Furuyama
Pilots the [FREEDOM DANCER] attack program. A male turned into a female as the result of an ill-fated human experiment. Uzuki’s best friend always has his back.

graze counter gm char 2

■ Hayate Katori
Pilot of the [REVOLGEAR] program. A world-renowned genius programmer in real life with a strong connection to EDEN.

graze counter gm char 3

Kiriko Kirisame
The pilot of the [KIRISAME BLADE] program and master of short-range firepower. Yandere girl who is secretly in love with Uzuki.

graze counter gm char 4

The Mysterious entity that has taken control of the virtual world [EDEN]. Who or what she is remains to be discovered…

graze counter gm char 5

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