Mobile BL visual novel Tambi Kissa is released today

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Developed by 15-COMBO & OWLOGUE, mobile BL visual novel Tambi Kissa (耽美喫茶) is released today (31st July). In the game, players take the role of a master in a mysterious cafe and witness the love stories of different pairs. There are eight different routes and 17 characters available.


・Daisuke Hirakawa
・Kazuyuki Okitsu
・Yuusuke Kobayashi
・Furukawa Tetsuto
・Ooshita kouta
・Tomoyoshi Fukazu
・Yuuki Adachi
・kumin kamata
・Kisayuki Yamanaka
・Seiya Kanesaki
・Noriyuki Ishida

The game is made up of two modes. In the first mode, players have to serve costumers and increase intimacy levels. Once the intimacy level is enough, the game enters into story mode where they tell their love stories.

Since the number of pre-registree reached 15,000 before launch, all players are rewarded with 110 gems.

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