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Based on the hit novel series Re:Monster by Kanekiru Kogitsune (金斬児狐), AlphaPolis’ mobile tactical RPG Re:Monster bring’s to players a unique mobile experience filled with tactical combat, village management, eating, and evolving!

For those unfamiliar with the series, the novel revolves around Tomokui Kanata (伴杭彼方), an esper who has the ability to learn abilities from the things he eats. After his untimely death, he reincarnates into a goblin and takes up the name Rou. During the series, character names will change according to which species they evolve into (Goblin: Goburou -> Hobgoblin: Hoburou). The game is available in Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and English.

The core combat mechanics of the game follows a RTS (Real Time Strategy) frame, players set their own party and defend against waves of enemies that come from different directions, depending on the stage and the wave. Combat takes place in a 3×3 grid with three different areas (Front, Mid, Rear), each unit will behave differently in each area, prompting players to constantly adjust their unit formation to clear stages effectively. Due to this unique setting, the game doesn’t feature an "Auto-Mode" which may put off most casual gamers, but for RTS gamers, the game does bring out more advanced RTS elements, from proper positioning, to re-organizing your party formation and units to better suit the situation.

Although the game’s combat can put off many players, due to the unique setting of the novel, the game features a wide variety of additional features in which players can indulge in. Like Rou from the novel, players will be able to learn different abilities through eating Units and Materials. As they learn more skills, they will also be able to fuse skills together to create stronger and more potent sill to take with them in combat. These will be increasingly more helpful during combat since their main character will be present in every battle, and if the main player dies, they fail the stage/hunt. Different species have different stats, and players can choose which species they want their main character to evolve into to better suit their play style.

Certain characters in the game will also benefit from strengthening via materials. Asides from the main character, there are also characters that can Evolve/Rank Up. The pre-requisite for this usually requires players to feed an x amount of a certain material to the character (Materials will remain hidden until the main character has eaten and discovered the effects).

In the village, players will be able to collect Gold, Meat, EXP, as well as sell materials and craft items from the Blacksmith/Shop. Items give stats to characters, players will have to sell materials to the blacksmith in order to craft items. Better gear is unlocked as the player sells the required materials needed to craft them.

Last of all is Great War. Great War is basically a massive battle simulation where players put together teams of 20 units and fight for control over land. Players will be rewarded with Great War points that can be exchanged for exclusive materials, items, and units.


Re:Monster is definitely not something for casual gamers. The sophisticated RTS combat of the game makes the barrier of entry pretty high for players. With that being said, the game’s combat is surprisingly fun once you get used to it. Having enemies constantly coming from different directions keeps players engaged in the combat, which isn’t something you see in modern mobile games.

Like most games, Re:Monster still has players constantly farming for materials. However, the unique Ability Learn system gives farming a new experience. Learning new abilities also directly affects how useful your Main Character will be during stages, which in turn somewhat motivates players and gives meaning to all the farming.

With the different combinations of abilities, species, and equipment that players can use, Re:Monster inherits the complexity and RTS games whilst optimizing certain aspects to make it manageable on mobile.

With Great War, players can really get the sense of being a tactician at war with using different units in different formations to make the best of their stats and skills. Great War is also a great End Game component for players, with large teams of 20, players will really have to upgrade their barracks facilities in their village in order to fully participate in Great War. Personally, I find Great War a great aspect in the game. The charms of Battle Simulation games is to pitch one army against another and watch them fight to the last man. Re:Monster’s Great War does give that sense on satisfaction players get when pitching an army against another with as little player influence as possible.

Personally though, the biggest barrier to hurdle for this game is the pace. Even at x3 speed, the game still feels fairly slow during Hunts. The game average load time of the game can also get quite grueling as you constantly have to go back on forth different pages to receive units, sell items etc., but overall if you’re a fan of the series or a fan of RTS/Tactical games, then Re:Monster is definitely a game that is worth investing time in!

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