Square Enix and Blue Print announce mobile harem RPG VenusRumble

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Square Enix has partnered up with Blue Print to announce a new mobile RPG VenusRumble (ヴィーナスランブル). It is now available for pre-registration.

A large portion of the game involves breeding the goddesses. Players will be able to communicate with the girls presented in Live2D and increase the intimacy parameter. The game’s biggest gimmick is “romance for adult”, which means players can date sexy goddesses and even spend the night with them. Not much about the battle system has been revealed.

The game is set in an universe where both goddesses and humans reside. Five goddesses are tasked with the job to protect the Red Moon from Kegare. Players’ character is a normal guy who stumbles across her army and defeat it by luck. He also helps lift Kegare’s curse and heal the goddesses by touching them. After that, they invite him to live together and save the world together.

VenusRumble will be released within this Summer.

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