Touken Ranbu gets new sword that looks like a relative of the Toshiro

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DMM’s Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞) is introducing a new sword again. This is the forth new sword in these two months.

The chrysanthemum-like Kamon (family emblem) revealed in this teaser picture has stirred up a debate among fans. In Japan, only the emperor is entitled to use the chrysanthemum Kamon.

Some believe it’s another of Okita Souji’s rumoured sword Kiku-ichimonji Norimune (菊一文字則宗) since the real sword is black and has a chrysanthemum emblem.

Some others believe it is Onimaru Kunitsuna (鬼丸國綱) made by the Awataguchi School for it is black and wears a costume similar to those worn by the swords (ex. the Toshiro brothers) made by the same school. The chrysanthemum emblem is there because the sword has been the emperor’s property for about 400 years.

The new sword will possibly be available after the maintenance later in August.

Touken Ranbu is now available on both browser and mobile.

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