2017 August Week #2 SNK’s Boku no Hero Academia Released Alongside New Mobile MMOs and Retro Throwbacks

Mr. Qoo

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You Are The Hero!

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"Hurry up and collaborate with KOF!"
"The game’s system is similar to the China-Made KOF game"
"Lacks promotion? Not a lot of people doing co-op."

SNK’s latest original game, featuring a heroes vs villains theme. The game features a shard system and a Real Time Event (RTE) combat. Combining the RTE-esque combat with the game’s shard syste, You Are The Hero feels somewhat similar to the Chinese mobile KOF98OL. The game overall feels complete but lacks originality and impact.


Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"I play a Tank, everytime when I’m the last one alive I feel guilty."
"Tank and DPS roles are best left to pay-to-win players."
"Learn something from XXXoALICE and top sales chart even with frequent maintenance!"

Typical Mobile MMO systems, with a gacha for costumes that raises player stats. The game boasts elegant art, but the game’s system can use some improvements. With constant down time for maintenance and an imbalance in character classes, the game isn’t really proving its worth, but future improvements looks promising.

Grappler Baki Ultimate Championship

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"As a game aimed at fans it has limited characters and you need to roll for special attacks?"
"Characters move like puppets, the game lacks impact."
"Damage output isn’t affected even if you don’t spam tap during Rush. (lol)"

The first impression of the game really feel true to the original series, the atmosphere, violence and gore raises the limits for a mobile game. Unfortunately, the gameplay feels overly simple and the lack of characters doesn’t help retaining player base.


Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"You get 30 summons when you start, not bad."
"E Rank characters can still be good through training and items."
"Lacks character types."

Somewhat disappointing, the retro minesweeper gameplay and the ability to co-op makes the game decent, but the artwork isn’t living up to the rest of the game’s standard. Asides from the mine sweeper gameplay, players can indulge in strengthening and developing characters, this ensures that event Rank E characters will still be useful, making the balance of the game quite friendly.


Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"Character animations are amazing!"
"Honestly not bad, has a surprising sense of joy."
"The command input duration is so hard to handle!"

A game that turned out to be much better than expected. Character animations are dynamic and filled with stunning visual effects, just looking at gameplay makes it worth trying. The character
diversity and songs featured in the game is solid enough, but the game would be a lot better if adjustments were made to the command input duration!

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