Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Orchestra Concert CD Coming in September

Mr. Qoo

In celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Ace Attorney series, earlier this year, Capcom held a special Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Orchestra.

Capcom has now revealed that they will be releasing a CD in September, featuring music from the orchestra for Ace Attorney fans who enjoy the series’ soundtracks, or for those who missed the Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Orchestra.

The album will feature 2 CD, with a total of 13 tracks performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Hirofumi Kurita.

Track List:

1. 成歩堂龍一 ~異議あり!
2. 逆転裁判5 法廷組曲
3. 逆転裁判6 法廷組曲
4. 逆転検事 巡り合い組曲
5. 逆転検事組曲 華麗なる軌跡
6. 大逆転裁判組曲

1. 大いなる復活 ~御剣怜侍
2. 綾里真宵 ~逆転姉妹のテーマ
3. ゴドー ~珈琲は闇色(やみいろ)の薫り
4. 逆転裁判1~3 法廷組曲
5. 逆転裁判4 法廷組曲
6. 続・大逆転裁判組曲
7. 大江戸戦士トノサマン

Disc 1
1. Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!
2. Ace Attorney 5 Courtroom Suite
3. Ace Attorney 6 Courtroom Suite
4. Ace Attorney Investigations Meeting Suite
5. Ace Attorney Investigations Suite ~ The Great Path
6. The Great Ace Attorney Suite

Disc 2
7. Great Revival ~ Miles Edgeworth
8. Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters’ Theme
9. Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
10. Ace Attorney 1-3 Courtroom Suite
11. Ace Attorney 4 Courtroom Suite
12. The Great Ace Attorney Suite Continued
13. The Steel Samurai

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