Square Enix’s mobile RPG Dia Horizon is now available for download

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Square Enix’s latest RPG Dia Horizon (ディア ホライゾン) is now available for mobile.

In Dia Horizon, players take the role of a hero who aims to annihilate monsters deep in a dungeon. A team is made up of four characters. In a battle, players have to initiate the characters’ skills by dragging their skill cards to a desired area (a circle). Enemies outside the circle are not affected.

Dia Horizon is a multimedia project which consists of this mobile game, a TV anime that will arrive in October, a novel and a manga.

Game Trailer


“Our encounter, it means we live and die together.
What lies ahead at the end of the horizon?
Death…Hope…or freedom…
The girl who bears the truth about the end
is doomed to losing her freedom.
Freedom is too luxurious to her.
She can only live in this tiny unliberated world.
It is easier if living and death battles are a choice.
Had it not been for God writing this screenplay that confines us,
the truth would have died with you.
I have decided to give her some of my ordinary destiny.
Even when death comes, we die together.”

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