Konami's mobile dating sim LovePlus Every will be released in Winter

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Konami’s classic dating sim for LovePlus (ラブプラス) previously announced a mobile project, LovePlus Every (ラブプラス EVERY). The game’s teaser site has been updated with a release schedule and details about its showcase in the coming Tokyo Game Show.

LovePlus Every is officially set for launching in Winter. It will feature the usual three “national girlfriends” who have captured many hearts of the Japanese. They will be still be voiced by the previous voice actresses.

Saori Hayami as Manaka Takane 

Sakura Tange as Rinko Kobayakawa

Yuko Minaguchi as Nene Anegasaki

Besides, Konami also announced a mobile VR experience on the website. It will be showcased and for trial exclusively in the coming Tokyo Game Show (21st September – 24th September).

The first LovePlus was released in 2009, followed by three games also for DS and an iOS adaption. Players take the role of a transfer student at Towano High School, where he befriends the quiet Manaka, the rebellious Rinko, and the mature Nene. Players can choose to interact with the girls in many different ways in order to become their boyfriend. The girls have become so popular that they are called the national girlfriends of the Japanese.

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