Gumballs & Dungeons: How to Obtain All Hidden Gumballs

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There are many gumballs to find and collect that will aide you on your dungeon runs! Aside from the many gumballs that you can obtain from normal play, you may come across the HIDDEN gumballs which are much stronger and will aide you with many skills in battle. Some are difficult to obtain than others and require much more work. Below is a detailed guide on how to obtain all current hidden gumballs!


To obtain some gumballs, the Save and Load method is required (S/L – S/L 30). Each time you enter a new floor, if you force close the application, the positions of floor content will be randomized when you reopen the application.

As for the S/L 30 method, if you do not reopen the application for 30 minutes after closing (DO NOT leave the application on background), you can gain access to new items that were not there 30 minutes ago. Use these methods wisely for unlocking the hidden gumballs and their fragments!

Sorcerer Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Get Wizard’s Robe (from corpse in wild boar cave)
• Find Sorcerer’s Hut, 50th floor of above
• Use 300,000 coins to recruit

How to Obtain Fragments:

• Repeat process above and pay 200,000 coins

Zorro Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Get Zorro’s Mask from Zorro’s Corpse
• Reach the max level of Zorro’s Mask by defeating bandits
• Find Zorro at boss stage in 60th floor or above

How to Obtain Fragments:

• Repeat the process above for 20 Fragments

Predator Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Find the Alien Helmet at any level before reaching the 29th floor (you may have to restart if you don’t find the helmet by floor 29)
• After the 50th floor, Predator Gumball will appear randomly, wear the Helmet and pay 500,000 coins to recruit

Dark Dragon Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Use Death Knight as leader
• Upgrade three maze items to max (lvl 10), then use bone staff to summon Drake
• Let Drake die and collect Dragonling Skull
• When you meet the dark dragon statue (random floor after obtaining the Skull), sacrifice Contract of the Dead and Dragonling Skull at altar to obtain Dark Dragon Gumball

Spartan Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Get Spartan Helmet from Spartan’s Corpse
• Win every duel on floors 5 through 85 (5, 15, 25, 35, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, and 85)
• Challenge him to duel at 95th floor (you must be wearing Spartan Helmet to begin the challenge)

Sunflower Gumball

How to Obtain:

DO NOT plant the Magic Bean Pod that you receive on Floor 1, this can’t be completed if you plant the seed
• Collect 300 Seed of Black Thorn, can be dropped by plant-type enemies or purchased from Dave’s Cottage
• Obtain Sunflower Seed and plant it. Obtainable from Boss floors beginning with 30F.
• Purchase 10 Sunshine from the Sunflower (requires 30 Seed of Black Thorn each) to obtain Sunflower Gumball

Prince Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Obtain Princess’s Dress and Crystal Shoes from Prince’s Corpse
• Buy Pumpkin Carriage with 2,000 EP (usually found at lower floor, YOU CAN ONLY SEE/BUY IT ONCE EVERY MAZE RUN – in case you were planning to buy the pumpkin, but it appeared at a stage where you do not have the necessary EP, use S/L 30 in order to postpone the purchase)
• Equip everything and talk to prince at boss floor (60, 70, or 80th floor)

Genie Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Use golden oil until you get a wish to upgrade your lamp, hopefully the upgrade reduces the amount of oil required by 1, if not, try again
• Get holy oil from boss (60th, 70th, or 80th floor), once per run, collect 3 Holy Oil which is inside the Treasure Box
• If the boss didn’t drop oil, use the S/L 30 method
• Make a wish and select “Join me in combat”
• Getting four treasures in the 60th, 70th, or 80th floor may increase your luck in obtaining the Holy Oil

Lich King Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Increase the fate level of the Lich to lvl 10 (keep Fliamir’s Soul Box)
• Upgrade Lich level to 20 (keep the Key of Destruction)
• After the 50th floor or above, a broken Lich statue will appear randomly, click it and place the soul box in the + to obtain Lich Kind Gumball

Vampire Hunter Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Upgrade Vampire Hunter’s Cloak to max level (level 10 with 3 Ancestral Power)
• Offer it to him at boss floor (floors 60 or above)

Ghost Captain Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Buy and save 5 Ghost Crystals from the Ghost Dock (obtain from Special Shop on random floors in this maze)
• Find him in the Captain’s Cabin (51th floor or above, appears at random) and offer him the 5 Ghost crystals

Kraken Captain Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Buy and save 5 Roasted Squid (DO NOT EAT THEM)
• At boss floor (60th or above), get David Jones’s treasure, summon it and feed it Roasted Squid

Pinocchio Gumball

How to Obtain:

• Buy 4 body parts (head, torso, arm, and leg), cost varies from 200 – 500 EP
• Buy the Puppet Manufacturing Manual (1,500 EP) from parts shop, and use it to summon Pinocchio (the manual can appear earlier than the body parts)
• Don’t let him die for few floors until a fairy appears, pay 300k gold to bring him back to life (use portal then summon Pinocchio to prevent him from dying in deep floors)
• Missing any part or the Manufacturing Manual would result in Pinocchio incompletable for this run, remember to keep an eye on every shop and have at least 1,500 EP on hand

Future Cat Gumball

How to Obtain:

• You need Adventurer on your team as leader or soul link
• You will meet Future Cat on an any floor below 50th at random
• After you meet him, you will find his Parts (A, B, C, D) inside Steam Tanks, Steam Airships, or corpses (if you don’t find the parts by the 60th floor, use the Portal of Earth to return to earlier floors)
• The fifth part (E) can only come from a Gumball Villager (thus the need for Adventurer)
• Combine all Parts into Future Cat’s Dynamic System (top right corner of Mechanics Page, but does not require chips)
• Return to the floor where you originally met Future Cat (via Portal of Earth)
• Give Future Cat the crafted item Future Cat’s Dynamic System and he will join your team/give you fragments


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