Square Enix’s coming Mashiro Witch on mobile shows gameplay in new videos

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Square Enix’s upcoming magic girl battle RPG, Mashiro Witch – Midnight Marchen (ましろウィッチ – 真夜中メルヒエン ), published five gameplay videos on Youtube. According to the short clips, Mashiro Witch is turn-based and offers some level of character custimization.

Character Customisation

Players are able to adjust to a character’s skin colour, facial features, personality, hairstyle and job types (defence, attack, healer).


The girls take turn to attack an enemy. Players can choose from different kinds of healing attack, physical attack and magic attack depending on the type of enemies, which may be resistant to either attack. Each attack has a cost, and players are only able to perform attacks whose costs fall within the cost they own.


Set in a world on the verge of destruction, magic girls band together to prevent the world from its doom. These girls all study at a magic academy. Their job is to kill the monsters that stay at “the Garden”.

Combined Magic 

Some attacks can be combined when certain requirements are fulfilled. It usually involves combining a specific type of team member’s magic with the attacker’s magic.


Players can set up a team of 4 to complete quests, which allow them to proceed from one area to another upon completion.

Mashiro Witch – Midnight Marchen will be released in this year. Pre-registration is yet to be available.

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