Mobile animal idol game Anidol Colors is ready for download

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Voltage’s mobile idol breeding simulation Anidol Colors (アニドルカラーズ) is now released. Featuring two virtual idol groups, 7 Colors and Clarity, Anidol Colors is the developer’s latest otome game for animal lovers and idol admirers.


Players’ role is a manager of an idol training school called Sirius Academy, where she finds young idols who are actually animals! These guys are called animal idols, commonly known as Anidol.

Rehearsal and Audition

When Anidols are doing their rehearsal, players have to provide “tap support” by tapping the chibi characters.

After they get more experience from rehearsal, they can go for auditions, which involves competitions among themselves.


Players can visit their homes and may even walk in on a happy gathering (extra story and conversation). As a manager, players have to relieve their stress by petting them too.

Anidol Talk

Player and the guys get to talk to each other depending on the intimacy level. The higher the level is, the more conversations can be unlocked.

Idol Group

■ 7Colors

■ Clarity

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