STGCC The Star Wars Experience

Mr. Qoo

One of the greatest highlights of STGCC this year is the Star Wars Experience. In celebration of the franchise’s 40th Anniversary, the Star Wars Experience Section of STGCC brings visitors in to the universe.

From parading storm troopers and Star Wars merchandise/figures to lightsaber training, Star Wars fans can truly immerse themselves into the Force and capture shots of unique figures on display or take home with them Star Wars merchandise including lightsaber chopsticks from Zakka.

But amongst it all, the most captivating display in the Star Wars experience is the life-sized speeder bike and the Millennium Falcon Interior created by BCD (Belgian Costume Designs). The speeder is a replica of the one Rey rides in Star Wars The Force Awakens.

BCD has created life-sized Star Wars props for over 15 years. Whilst the speeder was completed just before the movie was released, The Millennium Falcon interior was created over 10 years ago. Throughout the years, modifications and upgrades has been added to it to make it as close to the original as possible.

After talking to BCD’s Clint, I learnt a very special piece of information. The Speeder bike shown on display at Star Wars Experience has been recognised by the Director of the Star Wars Force Awakens, JJ Abrams! Hidden behind a seemingly innocent panel of the bike is Abram’s signature and comments on BCD’s Speeder Bike replica.

Additionally, visitors could also plat Star Wars:Force Arena at the Star Wars Exprience Exhibition

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