STGCC Even Super Heroes has to Eat

Mr. Qoo

Running from stage events to eSport competitions in STGCC can be tiring, leaving you thirsting for food and starving for a cold drink.

So, purely for editorial purposes and no personal reasons whatsoever, I explore what STGCC has to offer in the F&B department!

From figures to cosplayers and guests, STGCC is filled with super heroes and yet, it is still a pleasant surprise to find all sorts of food and snacks bearing superhero crests like the Kryptonian House of El crest at the DC Comics Super Hero Cafe.

Although there isn’t a lot to choose from, there really is something about eating super hero themed food at STGCC that makes everything seem in place.

With food taken care of, you can easily buy drinks from various stalls in the convention center, but for something with a little more dramatic flair, Mountain Dew came up with a fun portable tank which was carried around the convention hall, offering a cup of Mountain Dew for those in need!


To fully explore the Super Hero experience I went on over to the DC Comics Super Hero Cafe and acted like tourists visiting Hard Rock Hotel for the very first time, taking pictures of everything they had on display and marveling over everything they served.

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