Colopl Announces New Mobile Side-Scrolling RPG

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Creators of Shiro Neko Project, Colopl, has just announced today (26th September), that they will be releasing their new mobile side-scrolling RPG, PaniPani (PaniPani-パラレルニクスパンドラナイト-), on Thursday (28th September). Additionally, Colopl also released a new PV for the game.

The PV features the game’s theme song performed by the band Kankaku Pierrot (感覚ピエロ) backing gameplay footage for the game.

PaniPani is a side-scrolling action game with co-op play support. The game revolves around the adventures of 13 students who gets transported into an alternative world.

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PaniPani -パラレルニクスパンドラナイト- PaniPani PaniPani -パラレルニクスパンドラナイト- COLOPL, Inc.
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