Light novel series Infinite Stratos gets a mobile game released by DMM

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Originally a light novel series, later adapted into a TV anime and two games, Infinite Stratos  (IS〈インフィニット・ストラトス〉) is going to have a mobile game, IS Archetype Breaker, released by DMM soon. It will also come with a browser version. 

The production is done by the staff who also worked on the TV anime and OVA. The voice actors have also returned for their respective roles. Archetype Breaker is therefore considered an official spin-off of the anime.

The system and release date are yet to be confirmed.

Written by Izuru Yumizuru (弓弦 イズル) and published first in 2009, the story is set in a future where society is dominated by women. The world’s strongest weapon, Infinite Stratos (IS), can only be operated by women. Ichika Orimura, a male teenager, however, could surprisingly operate an IS. In the end, he enters the all female Infinite Stratos Academy and begins a life of thrill and danger as well.

Pre-registration Rewards

50,000: Gem x30
100,000: Gem x60
150,000: Gem x90
200,000: Gem x150
300,000: ☆4 IS card x1

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