Gumballs and Dungeons: Village of Heroes Maze

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Mazes & Rewards

• Village in Ruins (Cost 1 Vigor; 10 Floors)

• Statue of Sword and Fire (Cost 1 Vigor; 15 floors)

• Rescue! Heroes’ Heart! (Cost 1 Vigor; 20 Floors)

Special Instances

• Vagrant’s Tent: Spawns enemies every X number of rounds. If you peek inside you may find…

• Poker Table- Gamble with your EP before killing any surrounding enemies to obtain the Old Poker item;

• Wooden Desk- Use it to upgrade The Third Arm or obtain Bandit’s Diary;

• Storage Chest – Obtain the Cross, Old Bronze Mirror, Holy Cup, Strange Statue or Music Box;

• Tied boar – BBQ the boar to obtain Roasted Meat or release it and it will your party, aiding you with attacking enemies. It will drop meat once defeated;

• Iron Work – Increases stats;

• Fairy’s Steel Cage – You can obtain many rewards if you release her immediately or let her go and she’ll return giving you multiple rewards throughout your adventure in the current maze.

• Broken Puppet: You can obtain Pinocchio’s Potion.

• Earth Trap: Shoots in four different directions, damaging enemies.

• Rubbish Dump: You can get poisoned. Drops a shovel upon first use or coins/EP after multiple uses.

• Strange Floor: Use the shovel to dig through the strange floor to obtain coins, gems, etc.

• Hidden Box: Insert the following password, obtained from the Bandit’s Diary: 165324. You will be rewarded coins.

• Enemies may sometimes drop items when killed with The Third Arm:

• Glass Eye;

• Ratty Money Bag;

• Flick Knife;

• Bandit’s Gloves;

• Bandit’s Jacket;

• Bandit’s Belt;

• Low Quality Cigarette;

• Low Quality Liquor.

Corpses & Obtainable Items

• Zorro’s Corpse

• Common Loot: Zorro’s Mask.

• Farplane Ranger Loot: Zorro’s Soul – Increase Attack by 2 and equip Zorro’s Maskt to get double growth.

• Broken Puppet Corpse

• Common Loot: Pinocchio’s Potion.

• Farplane Ranger Loot: Pinnochio’s Soul – Puppet Spirit Status (Attack +5/Power +5/Decrease damage suffered by 75%, only valid on current floor).

• Ninjitsu Shrine Corpse

• Common Loot: Ninijitsu Scroll.

• Farplane Ranger Loot: Nine Tail’s Broken Soul – Increase the effects of all fire spells by 3%.

• Heroes’ Status Corpse

• Common Loot: Salute for stats gain.

• Farplane Ranger Loot: Augustus’ Broken Soul – Heroic Spirit Status (Attack +10/Defense +3/Only valid on current floor).

• Necklace of Legendary Mage Fragments

• Collect enough fragments to forge Necklace of Legendary Mage (Power +3/MP +40).

• Armor of Legendary Hunter Fragments

• Collect enough fragments to forge Armor or Legendary hunter (Defense +2/Power +3).

• Flag of Sword Sage Fragments

Collect enough fragments to forage Flag of Sword Sage (Attack +3, Power +2).

• Fairy Spring/Star Mint/Blue Crystal Gel/Fantasy Fruit

Ingredients used for creating Gumball Food Rank 2 and 3.

• Dark Steel/Soul Crystal

Can be used to combine exclusive Rank 3 gumballs weapons.

Enemy Encounters

• Assassin

• Skill: Attacks once every 4 rounds & inflicts 300% damage against enemies.

• Common Loot Drop: Knight’s Suit Parts.

• Rare Loot Drop: Holy Cup.

•  Butcher

• Skill: Double’s attack when HP is below 50%

• Common Loot Drop: Special Rank 1 Suit.

• Rare Loot Drop: Holy Cross.

• Bandit

• Skill: Attack decreases each time a friendly target is killed.

• Common Loot Drop: No Common Loot Drop.

• Rare Loot Drop: Old Poker.

• Musketeer

• Skill: Launches an attack every 2 rounds.

• Common Loot Drop: Hunter’s Leather Armor or Hunter’s Storage Chest.

• Rare Loot Drop: Hunter’s Long Boots.

• Drunkard

• Skill: Double Butcher and Bandit’s attack damage while present.

• Common Loot Drop: Nil.

• Rare Loot Drop: Old Bronze Mirror.

• Chief Rascal Boss

Two unbillable tents will spawn as soon as you encounter this Chief Rascal. Make sure to stack up on torches to destroy the tents and avoid any additional enemies from respawning every turn. Before you destroy the tents, destroy a couple enemies to reduce Chief Rascals physical and magical resistance to inflict some damage to him.

• Skills:

• Rascal’s Halo: Increases Physical and Magical Resistance by 99%

• Explosive Shot: Launches an attack once every 3 rounds dealing 1x damage and inflicts a burning effect, loosing HP each round for 3 rounds.

• Bully: When a companion is killed, physical and magical Resistance decrease by 20%.

• Common Loot Drop: Strange Statue.

• Rare Loot Drop: Statue of Black Leopard.


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