Ragnarok ~Valhalla Saga~ Pre-Registration Begins

Mr. QooAndroidiOS

Skyline Matrix has launched pre-registration for their mobile title Ragnarok ~Valhalla Saga~ for iOS/Android. The game is scheduled for release mid-November this year.

Ragnarok Online ~Valhalla Saga~ is a mobile city simulation with a European mythology backdrop. The game features over 200 heroes and 500 different skills. Players will be able to build their kingdom, raise heroes, and command over 150 units at a time to conquer new land. Like most city simulations, players will also have to manage resource whilst defending and expanding their nation.

Pre-Registration Rewards:

Over 10,000: 3★ Character ミート + 100 Gold
Over 30,000: 3★ Character スルーズゲルミル + 150 Gold
Over 50,000: 3★ Character ノート + 200 Gold (one Gacha Summon)
Over 100,000: 3★ Character ラン + 250 Gold
Over 150,000: 3★ Character ヒュロッキン + 300 Gold
Over 200,000: 5★ Character トリックスター・ロキ Voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi (武內駿輔)

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