KLab Launches Official Website for Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars!

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The official website for Bushiroad and KLab’s new mobile title Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars (ラブライブ!スクールアイドルフェスティバルALL STARS) has just gone live today (17th October)!

Official School Badge Design Contest

Currently, on the new website, there is also an Official School Badge Design contest where fans can submit their designs for a school logo for the upcoming game.

16th-30th October:
During this period, fans will be able to submit their designs for the competition.

31st October – 5th November:
Submitted designs will go through a preliminary selection process

7th-21st November:
The best works will be selected and put onto the website. Players will be able to vote once per day for their favorite designs.

11th December:
Winners will be revealed on the official website. The winning design will be used in the game.

Official Site

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